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If you've spent a bit of time on this site you've like founds tons of great resources -- in the blog, on various content pages I've shared ebooks, templates, thought starters, goal sheets and more.

This is the place, where you'll find all the marketing resources and free marketing downloads in one convenience place to view and download the resources.  

You can download and grab the marketing resources that will help you create amazing marketing programs.  Keep in mind the blogs often captures important marketing insights and research not in the ebooks, so check it out too. 

Creating an Effective Facebook FanpageFB_Page_guide_CTA

We’ve all heard the power of Facebook marketing, but learning all the nuances of various social networks can be a tricky and time-consuming feat, especially considering how frequently they add, remove, and modify features. This overview will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Inside this guide you’ll find details on:

  • Claim Your Page's Vanity URL
  • Sizing details for a Creative Cover Photo
  • How to write effective posts
  • How to highlight and pin posts
  • How to organize your aps

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How to Optimize Landing PagesOptimizing_landing_pages_CTA

If your website pulling it's weight?  

Once you’ve captured a site visitor's interest it is time to convert them!  Don’t let another social media visitor come to your site and leave without building rapport, capturing an email or providing them further information or scheduling the next step in the sales process!  

Want to learn how to convert a web visitor to a prospect, this guide will teach you step by step how to create effective landing pages. 

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Your Guide -- How to attract customers with Facebook New_FB_ebook_Thumbnail

Facebook is about more than just pictures of your best friend's kiddos, your relative's puppies and what your neighbor ate for dinner last night. It's also about building your business.

Here's a complimentary guide to attracting customers with Facebook. This download includes a step-by-step guide to building your Facebook audience, tips about what content to share and best practices for acquiring more leads from Facebook. 

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25 Must-Haves for driving Traffic Leads and Sales

This is the Ultimate Guide to a Killer Website

Your website is your business' most critical marketing asset. But here's the's leaking traffic, leads and revenue right now.

For key tips on how to improve your website, download this ebook, 25 Website Must-Haves for driving Traffic, Leads & Sales.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Design & Copy of Calls-to-Action


In order to survive in today's attention economy, you need calls-to-action. They have the power to grab people’s attention and direct it to your company's offers. In other words, CTAs point traffic to your company's offers and help you generate leads.

Calls-to-action are the triggers for your Internet marketing success.

So there, grab the guide to learn everything you need to know about calls-to-action, from their creation and placement to their optimization and measurement.

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Launching & Measuring a Marketing Campaign Marketing_Campaign_Thumbnail

The Handy Tool Kit for Launching & Measuring a Remarkable Campaign

Running a successful marketing campaign for your clients and yourself is all about having the right tools in your marketing tool kit. Our guide, Launching & Measuring a Remarkable Campaign, will dive into which marketing tools you should keep handy.

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Learn SEO from the Experts

Put SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to work for you

Have you been keeping up with the latest search engine optimization (SEO) best practices?

Let us help! In this ebook, top SEO experts teach you how to master every aspect of SEO. Download this new guide, Learning SEO from the Experts, to increase your organic rankings and traffic.

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An Introduction to Email Marketing Sucessfull_Email_Marketing_design_1

How to Execute & Measure Successful Email Marketing

There are 3.4 million emails sent every second. Seems hard to believe… until you spend Cyber Monday deleting all those email marketers. It's a lot to get through, so congratulations - cause you're still reading!

With this eBook, you'll learn how to cut through the inbox clutter, and create a rockstar email marketing strategy that increases email opens, clicks and leads!

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10-Step Monthly Marketing Report Guide & Worksheet

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Here you'll find a free "10 Steps to Creating a Monthly Marketing Report in HubSpot" guide where you'll learn how to create a marketing report to track how your marketing campaigns and strategies are performing.

As well, you'll also get a 12-month monthly marketing report worksheet to keep track of all your progress. Even if you're not on HubSpot, this report worksheet is valuable for any marketer, as you can add and delete columns to meet your marketing needs.

Click below to download your free copies of both documents!

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10 Tips to be a Better Spokesperson

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Finding yourself at ease in front of the camera comes from knowing the process, being comfortable with your message, being coached and also practicing. You know your story and your business like nobody else. You find yourself sharing your story with passion and vigor in a social setting, with partners and suppliers. Isn’t time you shared your story, in this capacity, with a larger audience?

Top 10 Tips to Be a Better Spokesperson will give you the tips you need be a confident spokesperson and maybe even enjoy a media interview.

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10 Useless Things to Cut From Your Marketing

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Too busy to give your marketing the attention it deserves? Feeling bogged down by the marketing to-dos? This FREE “10 Useless Things to Cut From Your Marketing” eBook will help you eliminate outdated processes and help you focus on directly improving your marketing and growing your reach, quickly and more efficiently.

This download will help you take your marketing to the next level. Learn how to blog and catch the right prospects’ attention and lead them through the conversion process. 78% of businesses that blog on a daily basis have acquired a customer from it. So, it’s not a matter of if you do it; it’s how well you do it. Let’s get this started.

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How to Grow & Scale Your Business Blog

guide to linkedin Profile creationGrowing your business’ blog is just as important as making business contacts. The more people you know, the easier it is to grow and scale your business, ultimately reaching goals and maybe even dreams! It’s crucial that businesses focus attention on inbound marketing and business blogging. There is a direct correlation between content creation and successful inbound marketing, and successful inbound marketing will deliver a powerful dent into your marketing results.

I have found success with business blogging and focusing my attention on inbound marketing. I know it can work for you too.

If you want to learn how to grow and scale your business blog, and begin a stronger conversion on your website, check out this free eBook. In this eBook you'll learn a variety of tools to taking your business' blog to the next level, and ultimately converting your visitors to customers. Check it out today!

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Social Media Tune Up -- Free Download

social media tune up

Is your time on Social Media effective?  Does your company have a presence in the right social media platforms?  Does your company fanpage really engage followers?  

If you ask yourself these questions perhaps it's time for a social media tune up.  A look at your presence in the various social media platforms.

Download The Social Media Tune-UP: 3 Step Process to Effective Social Media Accounts.  Enhancing your social media presence will be as easy as 1-2-3 with this free guide.  

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Essential Guide to Getting Your Story in the Spotlight Using Traditional PR & Social Media.

describe the imagePR and Social Media can thrive off one another.  By no means is PR dead, but perhaps it’s forgotten or not given the proper attention as the communication mix evolves and makes room for the newer technologies of online marketing and social media.  

Looking to make sure you are benefitting from the synergies of using PR & Social Media together to reach your target audience with your key messages?  Download your copy of my, Essential Guide to Getting Your Story in the Spotlight Using Traditional PR & Social Media.

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The Essential Step by Step Guide to Internet Marketing

describe the imageCreate a well optimized website that delivers exactly what a customer requires and it’s like having a team of rocking sales professionals ready to great customers and prospects 24/7!  Now that’s worth the investment. 

Are you up on the many facets of Internet Marketing and its potential for your business?  The Essential Step by Step Guide to Internet Marketing provides you with essential steps you should be taking to effectively market your business on the web.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring and Inbound Marketing Agency

inbound Marketing agencyIf your ready to hire a professional to take your marketing to the next level, this guide will show you what you need to consider in finding the right partner to achieve these goals and to create marketing your customers will respond to and even enjoy.   

Make sure you ask the right question of your future Inbound Marketing Agency, download a copy of our Ebook, the Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency.

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Lead Generation Lessons from 4,000 Businesses

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Could you be doing more to generate leads?

Learn from the experts with this free ebook.  

The Lead Generation Ebook captures findings from a study based on data from 4,000 businesses actively involved in using online marketing to generate leads.

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Social Media Goal Thought Starter -- Free Download

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Would you bake a cake without a recipe?  It is so easy to jump into social media tactics because your customer said you should be on Facebook or everybody else is on Facebook, but that isn't reason enough, or at least not the first step!.

Take the time to write a strategy, start with goals and you'll be glad you did.  You'll be able to measure your progress and you'll know if social media is time well spent to reach your overall business goals. 

Not sure where to start, download this thought starter and you'll be on your way to writing focused social media goals.

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