More in Store - Social Media StrategyWhy Leads Matter MORE than Likes

Here’s something you may have already learned about social media: having lots of “likes” and followers doesn’t always lead to more business.

That doesn’t mean social media doesn’t work, you just have to know how to use it.

3 Musts for Social Media Success

1. You must be strategic and intentional

Each social media tool reaches a different audience and has a different use. I can help you identify which ones work for your audiences. (Heads up – the ones you prefer to use might not be the ones your potential customers use!)

2. You must be consistent

Social media updates get dusty quickly. You need to update frequently in a way that is on brand and on message. I can create a plan to make that happen.

3. You must create a two-way conversation

Potential customers who leave comments, message you, or want to chat expect a response—asap! This human engagement is highly effective at creating leads but can be overwhelming for resources. I will help you build mechanisms and plans so customers get the response they need, when they need it.

No Job for a Junior

If you’ve been leaving your social media to a junior or the youngest person on staff because they’re your digital native, or ignoring it because it you haven’t seen the value, it’s time to take back this important tool and put it to work!


O'Regan's has worked with Melanie since 2015 in all areas of social media management including training, resources, strategy, implementation and monitoring.

She is a great partner and valued resource to our team.

Susan Johnston
VP Marketing & Communications

Melanie has been our Hubspot Marketing advisor since 2017. She continues to be a valuable member of our team by providing consulting and training services. Melanie is a pleasure to work with and always up to date on the latest tools. We value Melanie’s strategic approach an her focus on delivering results.

Cindy Roberts, Vice President Marketing and Communications at Metamaterial Inc. (META)

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