How to Generate MORE Qualified Leads

Every element of your inbound campaign should be designed to encourage your prospective customer to demonstrate interest in your product or service.

Maybe you do that by getting them to respond to an offer on your website to download an ebook or subscribe to a newsletter. Maybe after reading your blog they respond to a call to action, initiate a chat, or leave a comment.

Once you’ve attracted them with your content, and engaged them with an offer on your landing page or website, they become a lead.

And following up on a lead is what converts them into a paying customer.

But first, you need the right offers

Some consumer buying cycles are longer than others. Some consumers require more steps along the way from attraction to conversion. Asking for the sale too soon is like asking someone to marry you on the first date – you could just scare them off!

As your inbound specialist, I’ll work with you to:

  • identify your target consumer
  • create content that attracts the most qualified potential consumer
  • develop offers they’ll respond to

Most importantly, I will score the leads your inbound campaign generates so you’ll know which ones to follow-up on first, and how. Are your prospects ready to speak to someone? Or do they need to receive more marketing materials? Knowing what to serve them next is the difference between success and scaring them away.

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