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You don’t need—and shouldn’t even want—a whole lot of people coming to your website. Junk hits may look impressive on a graph, but the conversion number won’t impress anybody.

At More in Store, I take a focused approach to SEO that aims for quality over quantity.

The secret is making both the search engines and the searching humans happy.

Step one: The search engines

Google, Yahoo, and Bing want to return only relevant results to their customers. As a result, they are constantly tweaking and refining what they look for in a site. If they don’t like yours, they won’t serve you up. I make sure your site has the right language and content to catch the search engine’s attention.

Step two: Your customers

Who is the right customer for you? How do they search for a service or product like yours? My goal is to bring only the best prospects to your site. The more qualified the customers, the higher the conversion rate.

Step three: Your Landing Page

The page your prospect lands on must directly answer their needs—otherwise you risk building nothing but bounce rate. I ensure there is no gap between what your customer is looking for and what they find from you.


When done right, SEO continues to serve you up to the right prospects in unpaid search over and over again, unlike paid placement, which stops serving you up when the last cheque is cashed. It’s one of the reasons I believe SEO is the core of a successful inbound campaign.

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Learn SEO from the Experts and Put it to Work for You!
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