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More About Me


I’m Melanie Taljaard and for 23 years now I’ve been using my marketing skills to help business leaders in the service sector achieve real, measurable results.

I’ve Been in Your Shoes

I cut my teeth in traditional advertising agencies and then expanded that experience by working client side for several years. The combination of those positions means I understand what my own clients are going through: agencies tend to demand huge budgets and can’t always prove their effectiveness; clients are accountable for every dollar spent and need to demonstrate results.

When I started More in Store in 2009, my goal was to prove that marketing could make a real, bottom-line difference.


Why I Went With HubSpot

That’s the main reason I became a certified HubSpot partner in 2012: I saw the decline of traditional, outbound marketing and was more than impressed with inbound. In a word, inbound WORKS.

Today I’m producing those results for my clients, which include private academic institutions, health-care businesses, startups, and more.

I Believe in Life-long Learning

I hold a PR degree from Mount Saint Vincent University and a MBA from Saint Mary’s University. But I never stop learning new ways to help my clients succeed. Recent courses and workshops include:

  • Inbound Marketing Conference, Boston, September 2019
  • Principles of Graphic Facilitation, The Grove, San Francisco—November 2019
  • Design Thinking, Harvard School of Extended Studies -- October 2018
  • Story telling for Business, the Story Studio, New York -- Summer 2018
  • Hubspot Partner Certification – 2012 to 2020 inclusive
  • Inbound Marketing Certification – 2012 to 2020 inclusive
  • Google Analytics  and Google Adwords, Los Angeles – 2011

I Believe in Building my Community

I work with many professional organizations to support business leaders and up-and-comers.

  • Secretary, Rotary Club of Dartmouth 2018
  • The Centre for Women In Business
  • The Nunavut Trade Show
  • The Atlantic Province Veterinary Conference

When I’m Not Working….

I love to travel with my family to ski or hit the beach. Some favourite places include France, where I went to school for a year (yes, I’m bilingual), and South Africa, where my husband’s family lives.

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