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The great thing about content marketing is that it keeps working for you over and over again, whereas paid search stops the minute you stop paying.

No wonder content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. (Content Marketing Institute, 2017)

HubSpot’s whole inbound model is based on content. When you’ve got the right kind of content working the right way, you get results.

So here’s the question: is your content working?

1 Audit 3 Ways

In a content audit, I analyze your blogs, newsletters, social media, website—whatever you have for content—for three different criteria:

  1. To ensure customer relevance. Do you really understand your customers? Are you speaking to their needs? Are you engaging with them, and leading them through a sales funnel that converts them from prospect to paying customer?
    97% of marketers are using prescriptive content, or content that outlines a formula for success. (Curata, 2016)
  2. To ensure Google relevance. Google is constantly refining what they consider relevant or not. Gone are the days of loading keywords and getting served up first. Google also penalizes you if your content isn’t original. Do you ever use content that’s been prepared and packaged for your industry? If it isn’t personalized to your business, Google is probably passing it over.
  3. To ensure your back end is working. If you have broken links or pages that aren’t indexed, Google will not pick you up, and that means customers won’t find you in search.
    Organic SEO is about 5.66 times better than paid search ads. (New Media Campaigns, 2018))

Wonder how your website's SEO measures up?

Find out with our free Website Grader Tool.

It will analyze your website SEO, plus other factors that impact your site's overall ranking in online searches.

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Having a website that isn’t optimized for things like links, content, and indexing is like printing 100,000 brochures and not picking them up from the printer. There’s no point in creating content if it’s not going to be found!

Let’s grab a coffee and talk about how a content audit could benefit you today. The consultation is free—and I’ll pay for the coffee!

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