Marketing Plan Development

Let’s start at the beginning, review your goals, and develop a Marketing Plan that is all hit and no miss.

PencilThere are 2 ways we can create your Strategic Marketing Plan:

Collaborate & Create — Ideal for entrepreneurs who want more professional development around marketing, and want to gain new skill sets to apply within their own small business. This is a one-on-one personalized training program, where I equip you with the knowledge and insight to be able to write your business’s current marketing plan under my guidance, as well as future plans for when your business’s needs change.

Strategic Marketing Plan Development – For the entrepreneur who wants to focus on other aspects of business and leave the marketing to me, I will take the reins and develop a savvy marketing plan that is impactful, measurable, and targets your right clients, and is custom tailored to your business and its needs. This package includes one-on-one follow-up to gauge implementation and measure results, but minimizes the business owner input throughout the development stage of the plan.

Not sure which approach is best for your business? Send me an email and we’ll talk about how to best help you get more out of your marketing.