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Melanie Team tools and training to build brand champions.

Empower your whole team to take responsibility for marketing your business and broadcasting your brand. I can bring relevant, engaging information to your association, organization, franchisee group or employees. These sessions are co-operative, empowering, educational and fun!

Here’s an overview of some of my most popular sessions, customizable for you:

From Word of Mouth to Word of Mouse

What you need to know about Social Media and its impact on your business

If Facebook was a country it would have the third largest population in the world. Without a doubt, tools like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn are hugely popular, but what do these tools mean for business today? Most businesses don’t know how to use these tools effectively, or even choose the right ones. I’ll share examples of both to B2B and B2C social media campaigns. Participants will learn how their business can use the Internet for online marketing within any budget.

  • Meet the key social tools (Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube) and learn who’s using them.
  • Best practices: Who should you watch or follow for inspiration?
  • How to establish your own social media goals.
  • How to prioritize social media initiatives and your best next steps.
  • Review Google Analytics and learn how to analyze your own web traffic.
  • Tips for improving your presence and traffic.

Making LinkedIn a Valuable Sales Tool

Networking has always been a critical business tool – LinkedIn provides an opportunity to network virtually. One half-day interactive session equips participants with the knowledge and action steps to use LinkedIn for making connections, prospecting, shortening the sales cycle, and understanding prospects and clients.

  • Build an effective profile
  • Find the right people
  • Effectively use recommendations
  • Gain company insights
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Build groups to realize the value of connecting and collaborating
  • Integrate LinkedIn with your other social media tools
  • Use LinkedIn on behalf of your whole organization

Improving Sales & Profitability in your Retail Operation

The state of retail today is changing and so is customer behavior. Succeeding in the retail sector requires a solid understanding of what’s changing and how to best serve customers in this new landscape. I’ll share insights on how to enhance each key ‘Element of the Store’ and the customer experience, including:

  • Visual Communications
  • Store Planning
  • Store Design
  • Merchandise
  • First Impressions
  • Multi Channel Customer Experiences
  • Keeping in Touch to Keep Them Coming Back

Mastering Inbound Marketing with More in Store Marketing Solutions and Hubspot

Are you looking for effective and track able marketing programs, perhaps it’s time you considered a strategic Inbound Marketing program.  Inbound Marketing is all about getting found by prospective customers.  By providing prospects and customers with valuable and relevant content when they want it, you’re there when they go searching!  Whereas, traditional marketing programs (outbound marketing), focus on finding customers, relying on techniques that are broadly targeted and that interrupt people, like cold-calling, print advertising, TV advertising, and direct mail.  These tactics can be called Spray and Pray marketing tactics, because you put it out there and hope for the best! 

Inbound marketing is based on a simple premise—be there when a prospect searches!  It sounds simple doesn’t it? Until you realize that your prospects hate Facebook but love Twitter.  Or your potential customers are big fan of blogs, but they won’t be signing up for enewsletters cause they like to get news on their terms.  

More In Store offers clients a choice between turn key full service Hubspot Marketing Strategy and Execution as well as set up and customized in depth training for organizations looking to execute Hubspot Marketing Programs in house.  

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