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30 Lead Generation Tips and Tricks

Posted by Melanie Tajaard on Fri, Nov 23, 2018 @ 15:11 PM

LG_3 (1)A good number of businesses are struggling in terms of growth. This can be attributed to a variety of factors for example economic conditions. However, most are suffering from what we could call “lead generation” problems. Most sales personnel have reached the end of the line because they believe they’ve hit the limit of people and businesses to sell to. A further misconception that sales is simply cold calling as many people as you can doesn’t help matters at all.

Yet for a business to be successful, it must be able to generate new sales leads or in other words find new business. The big question however is, “How many leads should be generated to be deemed enough?”

The number of sufficient leads varies from industry to industry or company to company but largely depends on how effective the following are:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Website performance
  • Quality of content

According to a 2015 Demand Generation Benchmark Report by HubSpot, most industries except the financial one recorded a similar volume of traffic per month (10,000-50,000 visits). Nonetheless, an inbound marketing ROI calculator can simplify the process of establishing exactly how many leads a business needs to be successful in its marketing efforts. Based on revenue targets, the calculator assess the number of lead volumes to aim for.

But in as much as lead generation is important, statistics have shown that up to 68% of B2B marketers are yet to find success with it. Moreover, only 5-10% of sales qualified leads are successfully converted into customers. What’s more surprising is that only one in 10 professional marketers describe their lead generation efforts as “highly efficient and effective.”

As it turns out, most marketers and companies always think that they need more and more traffic. But in truth, they already have the traffic but are not converting it into sales. But why does this happen? Here are some of the reasons prospects don’t convert:

  1. Conversion aversion

This is literally where a page does not tell the first time visitors what to do next. And if they do, they don’t offer reasonable steps.

  1. Page pollution

This can be defined by crowded landing pages with numerous options, auto playing audio and videos, among others; simply a lot of confusion and poor design.

  1. Keyword disconnect

Not delivering what the visitor used to find the page in the first place. A disconnect between what the visitor is looking for and what they are being offered.

  1. Lack of credibility

This is simply failure to talk the talk and walk the walk by leaving no indication that the company knows its stuff or the industry at large.

  1. A one-way website

Another reason why visitors don’t convert is running a one-way website that does not encourage any form of interaction or show interest in engaging with web visitors or capturing their personal information.

There are many more reasons for failure out there but we can all agree that in the world of Inbound Marketing, it’s all about the leads. Usually, the website should be the hardest working sales person. But while we could sit here and talk about how lead generation is a science or a process or whatever, it’s the essence of the marketing funnel. As such More in Store, the leading marketing agency in Halifax Canada, has come up with 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks, and Ideas.

This guide looks at the secrets HubSpot uses to generate over 70,000 leads per month. The guide will teach:

  • The best lead generating content
  • How to create irresistible offers
  • Secret web optimization tools with A/B testing and much more

If you are a marketer, business person, blogger, or whoever, this guide is your yardstick to generating more high quality sales qualified leads. Download a free copy to great lead generation.

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