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Build your website not somebody else's

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, Apr 08, 2014 @ 10:04 AM

With Google introducing Panda and Penguin, it has become even more important to focus onbuild website right your online marketing strategy, and SEO should be a part of these strategies. Many small- and medium-sized business owners are under the impression SEO is no longer an important part of digital marketing. On the contrary, it is. So, don’t be fooled by SEO service providers who promise you the world, but cannot guarantee results.

No, SEO is Better than Terrible SEO

There are some companies that have flawed SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, but sell it quite promisingly as a part of their online marketing services. For instance, they promise impressive SEO, but what you get is a small site that is search engine optimized and it operates concurrently to your actual business website. If you opt for such a solution, you will be paying the service provider to drive traffic to their small website and not yours. Is that what you want?

Then there are sites that promise SEO through listings. This is another example of terrible SEO. Here, the so-called SEO is done on a customized page or your listing. The optimization does not occur on your website. So the whole exercise is futile, as your business website does not rise in search engine rankings nor will prospective customers find it in search engine result pages (SERPs).

What’s more is you can confuse prospects and customers with both of the mini site creation and listing solution.  If these solutions are well optimized as the provider promises, you can have a prospect or customer landing on these pages one day and your website another day.  They’ll find different visual presentation, and navigation; the experience will be less than optimal and may even turn off a prospective customer. 

Effectively with both these solutions you are helping others to build their site because the mini site and listing site live on the providers URL not your own. 

What Option Do You Have?

When you are running a business you need a comprehensive online marketing strategy. It is not just about optimizing your website for search engines, but also about using a multi-pronged approach that drives targeted traffic to your website and also improves your website’s search engine ranking. This multi-pronged approach will help build your online brand and make your website reputable and reliable in the eyes of prospective customers. Basically, you need a customized and tailor made strategic marketing plan.

That is why you need to partner with More In Store for your digital marketing needs. Located in Halifax, More In Store can assist your business carve a niche for itself by using clear-cut and extremely effective online marketing strategy.

Contact me today  for a free, no-obligation inbound marketing assessment. This will give you a clear picture on your digital marketing strategies and also provide you a roadmap for remedial measures, so that you can develop a customized online marketing strategy. As the name suggests, More In Store has a lot to offer your business, so why not make use of this expertise?

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