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Evaluating Your Internet Marketing

Did you know that there are more than 4 Billion Searches performed in Google everyday?  That’s a lot of searching, and a lot of opportunity for your business to be found.

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Chance are last time you heard about a product or service your next step to learn more was to start with Google.  You probably found a lot more than what you were looking for… and, hopefully, what you were looking for as well. 

Do you have a beautiful website that creates the right impression with prospects and customers alike?  I hope so, because chances are, your site will be the first impression for your future customer, your website is also the paramount tool to keep existing customers happy and to retain those existing customers.

Creating a functional user-friendly site and keeping it up to date is a tall order.  Today’s websites need to be written for your ideal customer AND for Google. Writing only for human eyes may mean your website is never found by your ideal customers.  Your site needs to be search friendly so that Google can serve it up to your target customers. 

What do your customers or prospects find when they go searching for your product? Is it your site, your competitors’ sites, reviews about your product or something entirely unrelated?  Do you know what keywords your customers are searching and what the search potential is for those keywords?

Assuming you have a rocking site that you are happy to serve up to prospects and customers, who is responsible to make sure your site is found by your target audience?  Not all web companies specialize in search engine optimization, keywords strategies and online marketing to ensure that a site is easily found when customers go searching.  After all you wouldn’t expect the printer to distribute your brochures for you would you?  While I believe sties should be developed to be search engine friendly, once the site is live, the marketing team must continually be focused on ensuring a site is well optimized and easily found by prospects and customers. 

It takes time for sites to be indexed by Google and to realize an effective keyword strategy takes ongoing attention.  Many web developers believe their task is done when the site goes live.  But optimizing a site and realizing a keyword strategy requires ongoing attention after the site goes live. 

Do you know what keywords bring most of the visitors to your site? 

describe the imageGoogle Analytics can tell you this and a whole lot more about the traffic to your website.  You can also find out how many searches are preformed for certain key terms.  Google Analytics tells me that I get queries for the term Marketing Consultant and then by using Google Keyword tool I can find out that there are more than 8,000 searches for Marketing Consultants in Canada every month.  I can use this information to set goals and evaluate how I am doing in terms of being found by my prospects.  

Ensuring your website is found when customers go looking is no easy task.  It takes a solid understanding of your customer behavior and the many aspects of online marketing.  BUT

Create a well optimized website that delivers exactly what a customer requires and it’s like having a team of rocking sales professionals ready to greet customers and prospects 24/7!  Now that’s worth the investment. 

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