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Hiring a Halifax Marketing Consultant

Are your marketing efforts as direct and hard working as you are? 

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Was there a point in your business, when you had a clear vision and ample time for your marketing? Perhaps your business has grown and evolved, and marketing isn’t getting the time and attention it once was. 

The media choices to promote your business certainly have changed and evolved.  If you seem to get a call daily from a media rep—You’re not alone.  With so many online and offiline marketing tactics and technologies out there, deciding on the right approach, the right budget and the right timing for your marketing efforts is harder than ever.

If your marketing initiatives aren’t getting the attention they deserve, perhaps it is time to hire a marketing consultant.  Outsourcing your marketing allows you to focus on building your business and doing what you love.  And by working with a consultant, you get access to an expert and pay only when you need one.

But does outsourcing marketing and communication functions make sense for your business?  There are several options to realize your marketing goals:

  • Hire and keep marketing and communications in house
  • Hire an independent marketing consultant or boutique agency
  • Hire a large national or multi national firm

Outsourcing the marketing function is the way to go until you reach the point of needing a full time in house marketing person.  Hire an internal marketing communications expert once you have enough marketing and communications work and a steady work load that one person can manage, or if you require a specific skill set. 

There are countless independent marketing consultants in Halifax, but is there value in working with an even larger communications agency, like a national or multi national marketing agency?

Hiring a large national agency is one way to get access to a wide range of communication experts all under one roof.  A large national agency is best suited to organizations that have the budget to support a significant marketing or communication program. 

Hiring a smaller boutique Halifax Marketing Agency or an independent marketing consultant can give you the best of both worlds and a few other benefits too. 

  • By hiring an independent consultant you’ll be a big fish in a small pond – even a small marketing budget is important to a boutique agency or independent marketing consultant.  A small budget may not get the same attention at a larger national agency. 
  • Independent marketing consultants are highly networked with other communication professionals (graphic designers, web designers, writers, researchers etc.) and often can bring you the team of a larger agency as needed, so your team is scalable, as required.

Most importantly, as an independent marketing consultant, I market my clients’ business with the same passion and vigor I market my own business.  Despite being PR or media gurus, I don’t see a lot of the large PR firms pursuing their own PR strategies.  In the past 12 months, I’ve been featured in the national news twice – the front page of the Globe and Mail and in local independent newspapers.  I know what it is like to stand on the other side of the camera. 

The right marketing solution will depend largely on your goals and your budget.  When considering your options, be sure to ask the consultant or agency how they market their own business.  Pay close attention to the combined skill set and the business style.  Don’t discredit the importance of the right ‘connection’.  You’ll be working closely with this person or team to realize your marketing goals.  Make sure you’re equally confident in the marketing professionals abilities as you are comfortable sharing ideas and blue ski visions for our next 5 -25 years.  It is ok to choose not to work with someone because the fit isn’t there. 

If you are ready to get more out of your marketing and to see if there is the right FIT between us, contact me below or learn more about the types of business I work with here…your marketing ally 

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