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Blog Entry – Top Reasons to Hire an Entrepreneur to Do Your Marketing

When helping my clients to realize their marketing and communication goals, I learn a great deal about these amazing business people – what drives them, what makes them tick, where they get their ideas, how they unwind and recharge.  Typically, my clients are trailblazing entrepreneurs who are pushing the limits in a competitive sector. We click because I too am an entrepreneur building a business one happy client at a time.  We click because:

  • I know that success and break-throughs take risk (carefully calculated and planned risk). 
  • I know that business moves insanely fast, I’ll answer my phone day or night. 
  • I am ready to act on ideas (yesterday).  MY entrepreneur clients are doers – they don’t have layers in their business structure for a reason – they like to get it done and so do I.

I am an entrepreneur too!  I know that every dollar spend on marketing had to be earned, but that making money requires investing time and money too!  (just the right investments).  Marketing needs to be accountable-- I just get that.  If a marketing initiative is worth doing, it’s worth tracking and it had better deliver or a new tactic will quickly take its place. 

My clients also appreciate that as an entrepreneur, I am highly networked -– if you need a partner, supplier I am likely able to help make connections.  I’ve worked in a large agency and I stay connected to other communication professionals (designers, writers, producers, researchers and others).  We can come together as a larger team as needed. 

Entrepreneur marketers don’t mind asking.  Having built my own business, I’ve had to put my neck out and ask for what I need to get it done.  It might be for a reference, or for a connection, for special terms on payment or negotiating a better rate, but I don’t mind asking for what I need to succeed and my clients value a partner who is willing to do the same on their behalf.  

As an entrepreneur, I walk the walk and market the heck out of my own business.  I do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work, write the blogs, do the newsletters and generate publicity around my business.  

If you are looking to outsource your marketing and need a consultant who is as dedicated and hard working as you, click here to learn more about working with Me as your Marketing Ally.

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