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What has social media done for you lately?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more are great places to catch up on the latest friend activity, browse photos and connect, but they are also a place to generate leads. 

According to Hubspot (the leading Inbound Marketing tool), 89% of internet users search online before they make a purchase even when that purchase is made at a local store.  This pre-searching is sometimes called Pre-tail, as marketers, we must consider the busy mother who is researching which car to buy at 11 at night or trying to find an easier dinner solution at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. 

Businesses are increasingly devoting a greater percentage of marketing budgets and human capital to social media.  And rightly so, the right social media strategy can help you to be found when prospects go searching.  

Product photos and video, educational content, and client testimonials are popular tweets that might get a share or a LIKE from a customer or fan, but what next, can social media be doing more for your business? 

Social Media must be a part of a well thought out strategy; ideally it should be a key pillar asmarketing funnel part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy.  If you studied marketing you likely remember the marketing funnel.  Elements of the marketing funnel are: awareness, interest, evaluation, commitment and referral.  Social media can help with the top elements, but to generate leads the responsibility falls to the website. 

Once you’ve captured their interest it is time to convert them!  Don’t let another social media visitor come to your site and leave without building rapport, capturing an email or providing them further information or scheduling the next step in the sales process! 

Often businesses feel that they need more web traffic or more social media traffic and in fact the problem isn’t with the volume of traffic, but in the inability to convert the traffic to leads.  Did you know that company who blog get 55% more web traffic than those who don’t, they also get 70% more leads.  That’s another great stat from Hubspot.  But generating a lead from a blog requires a strong call to action and a well optimized landing page.  Something that Hubspot makes very easy with their amazing software.  

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