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Getting Going with Hubspot (AKA rocking Inbound Marketing)

When you first heard about Hubspot, was it love at first site or did it grow on you gradually? love hubspot After learning about Hubspot I was quickly impressed an eager to learn more.  Hubspot had me at—reduced costs per lead and engaging and easy to use site CMS.  It wasn’t until I really started using Hubspot that I understood its potential.  So it was love at first site (and the second site I migrated over too and the third and well you get it, love with every site, kind of like true love)! 

Let me get to my point, if you think you’re going to like Hubspot from what you’ve heard or read, you’re right. 

So what next, how do you get going?

You can sign up directly with Hubspot or hire a local inbound Marketing agency.  Hubspot works with agency partners around the world to ensure clients maximize their inbound Marketing effectiveness.  More in Store has been a Hubspot agency partner since 2012.

Hubspot software is affordable—starting at $200 a month for a basic subscription and going up from there based on required features.  The more significant commitment when considering launching an inbound marketing program with Hubspot is the human element or the consultant’s time.

Hubspot is largely focused on agency partner and client’s success.  They don’t just want to sign up a slough of companies to use their software, they want to sign up companies that are going to create amazing inbound marketing.

In addition to signing up for Hubspots monthly software package, companies new to Hubspot must enroll in training – the Hubspot Academy.  Following the Hubspot training program helps to ensure you’ll learn the tool and put it’s many features to use. 

Companies who choose to get on board with Hubspot through a Hubspot agency partner can skip the cost and time investment for training – after all you’ll be working with a Hubspot experts, who’s best interest is to help you realize success.  

Whether you choose to do the inbound marketing internally or outsource it, there are costs associated with either option.  Of course there are the human costs of dedicating a team member’s time to the role, but there is also missed opportunity costs if that team member cannot be devoted the regular responsibilities and marketing tactics of inbound marketing. 

The tactical side of a well put together inbound marketing strategy can often be effectively rolled out internally if adequate internal resources are in place.  But getting going with Inbound Marketing requires a strategic plan.  You’ll want to define customer personas, establish costs per lead, conversion rates and set goals that keep you accountable.  

Hubspot agency partners (like More in Store) can help you to realize your inbound marketing potential in two ways – as a full service inbound marketing agency or in the creation of an inbound marketing game plan and initial set up (an ideal solution for companies who want to keep inbound marketing in-house, but can benefit from the expertise of a partner and leverage the depth of experience gleaned from working on numerous inbound marketing projects).

Not sure which approach works best for your inbound marketing goals?  Let’s chat we’ve helped other Halifax companies get clear on the best approach to inbound marketing.

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