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Who is Hubspot really for?

So you’ve heard about Hubspot?  It is the ultimate Inbound Marketing Software Tool.  One tool gives you a website CMS, a powerful social media tool, a blogging platform, robust analytics, lead generation, contact management, a keyword tool, competitive assessment and more! 

Hubspot is the amazing marketing tool powering many of my clients inbound marketing programs.  More in Store has been a Hubspot Certified Partner since 2012. 

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When I show prospects the power and ease of use of Hubspot, marketers are amazed.  Most savvy marketers have seen tools that simplify social media scheduling or they’ve come to appreciate the power of analytics through Google Analytics, but there are a couple of Hubspot features that always wow my clients.

The competitive tool in Hubspot is amazing!  In one dashboard, I can gather oodles of competitive insights including:  marketing grade, traffic rank, number of indexed pages on the site, linking domains, mozRank, Facebook Fans and Twitter followers—powerful insights to have just one click away.  Even more powerful to have my top 10 competitors in one snapshot. 

The other Hubspot feature gets my clients’ jaw to drop is the rich info gleaned from visitors to the site. 

Inbound marketing is all about relationships.  It’s about providing prospects with helpful and timely information when they need it most.  Build the prospects’ trust, become a thought leader and when the prospect needs your services they’ll think of you first.

As we build trust with our prospects we are building a relationship.  With inbound marketing, you thought leadership material is online when prospects go looking– ebooks, FAQs etc.  In exchange, the marketer gathers the prospects’ info like email addresses (with permission of course).  Once emails are captured and a contact is created, the magic begins.  Hubspot’s contact tool is powerful – it shows: page visits, time on site (as you’d expect), but it actually personalizes the contact – searching Google for their photo and adding it to the record, capturing it all in one place—pages visited, emails opened, documents downloaded and more.  One Hubspot client described it as very ‘big brotherish’.  I call it powerful marketing insights at my finger tips.

Hubspot is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  It’s reducing the cost of client acquisition by helping marketers create fun and effective marketing.

Who is getting on board with Hubspot?  What types of businesses reap the most benefits from Hubspot?  We’ll it’s the engine behind all my marketing.  Ok, perhaps you were looking for something a little bigger than that (but I do practice what I preach).  Dozens of other Nova Scotian companies use Hubspot – large and small companies.  As a Hubspot Agency partner, I have several Halifax companies on Hubspot. 

Hubspot is an excellent Inbound Marketing tool for both consumer and business marketing.  Hubspot works best higher end purchases (or services) and products or services that have a longer sales cycle or that require ongoing client contact.  Hubspot is also a great aid in re marketing to existing clients so it’s ideal for businesses that strive to put a fence around their valuable customers.

That means Hubspot is an ideal solution for a wide array of professional businesses.  The clients that I have using Hubspot to power their inbound marketing have all seen site traffic increases and greater web conversion.

Interesting in learning more?  Why not experience it first hand with a Hubspot demo.

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