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Stop writing RFPs...and realize your marketing goals

Once you realize how valuable your time really is - you can let go of tasks that are not yourmarketing consultant halifax focus or you area of expertise. In today's markets - more and more business consultants are growing their businesses by skipping the RFP (Request for Proposals) process altogether.  

Many consultants see RFPs as the primary way to secure business, yet it remains a time-consuming approach. For every proposal winner -  there are several losers, which means those who placed a great deal of energy and time into the proposal inordinately lose money through wasted time.

Instead of spending large amounts of time responding to RFPs - consider the possibility that you can showcase your effectiveness by becoming your industry's thought-leader.

Anytime a company succeeds at becoming the go-to source for all industry prospects - not only have you become a true thought-leader - you will be influencing your industry while also making it really easy for perspective customers to find and come to you. To begin building this presence, a series of steps can be taken: 

  • Demonstrate you industry expertise with ebooks, whitepapers, webinars and more
  • Give your content the exposure it deserved with regular blogs and a presence on social media
  • Keep all marketing accountable.
  • Create integrated marketing solutions
  • Use marketing automation software
  • Excel at Lead-Capturing

Why Hubspot and Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is all about giving away quality helpful content and becoming a thought-leader in your industry -- while attracting prospects along the way.  Lead-capturing content is the most dynamic approach to permeating your industry with your presence and knowledge. 

There are powerful competitive tools within Hubspot. On just one dashboard, you can gather massive amounts of competitive insights including:  

  • Marketing grade
  • Traffic rank
  • Number of indexed pages on the site
  • Linking domains
  • MozRank
  • Facebook Fans and Twitter followers

Hubspot offers all of these powerful insights - just one click away , what’s even better is you can glen this info on your top 10 competitors in one snapshot, as well as highly detailed information about each website visitor.

Inbound marketing is all about building relationships.  It’s about helpful, timely information getting to prospects when they need it most. Anytime you succeed at building your prospects’ trust - you then become a thought-leader. This means when your prospect needs your services - you are the first one they think of.

Building trust with your prospects remains the core of building quality relationships.  With inbound marketing, your thought-leadership material is always online anytime a prospect goes looking.

Through blog posts, ebooks, FAQs etc. - SEO rich, professionally written content is offered in exchange and with an easy process for a prospect to offer up pertinent information - such as email addresses. 

Now Let The Magic Begin

With powerful marketing insights at your finger tips. If you are ready to enter the world of high-technology coupled with proven marketing strategy - contact More In Store now to get your free inbound marketing assessment.

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