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Why I don’t do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) anymore...


I am a strong believer in online and specifically inbound marketing, yet I don’t do SEO (Searchwhy I don't do seo Engine Optimization) anymore. 

There was a time when I spent a great deal of my efforts on optimizing sites for search optimization. I used all the expected tactics – meta tags, alt tags for images, inbound links, registering the site, keyword work on the site and in the backend too.  SEO was once the starting point with a new client and it represented a significant portion of the work I did. 

I recently took a call about doing SEO work for a new business.  I chose not to take on this project, despite having capacity, because I’ve decided not to do SEO anymore—not as a stand-alone job, anyhow – because SEO does not and cannot stand-alone.  Sure a new website should be well optimized by the developer and marketing strategist but that is only the beginning.  As Google continuously evolves the way they serve results SEO must be an ongoing focus of any business. 

Google’s most recent changes to the algorithm for search again placed an even stronger focus on user centric content.  That’s great news, as marketers we should be focusing our efforts on writing for the humans that interact with our site and deliver helpful, relevant, engaging content.  Your site simply cannot optimize for search and then move on.  You must continually enhance your website content for users and Google will reward you.  Blog regularly with keyword rich content, build inbound links, update your content and back end with relevant keywords and finally give users a place to contribute on your site.

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