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Is your website leaking?

stop loosing leads

Lead generation is one of the factors that matters the most in internet marketing, but is often overlooked. It could often be said that sites end up leaking visitors who would otherwise become customers. What is a savvy marketer to do if they want to make sure they retain all possible leads?

There are several elements that do make a difference. Effective sites need to have:

  • Calls to action that motivate visitors
  • Lead capture forms that enable easier data collection
  • Overall closed loop strategies

A Good Call to Action Makes the Difference

Anyone who has ever purchased a product or service because of a good sales page probably followed a call to action. Though calls to action are used on webpages, blog posts and other online media, many underestimate their importance. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that many visitors are attracted to a site because of the information provided, but it is crucial for them to know how to follow up on it. This is how visitors are converted into leads.

Capture Forms

Many website owners have yet to realize just how vital the lead capture form itself is. This is the one part of a site that effectively pulls together visitors, email contacts and current customers. One way in which the most successful business owners make an impact is by offering free content and other incentives, such as webinars or product trials. It is important to keep things as simple as possible, while instilling confidence in any prospects who might decide to sign up.  

The Closed Loop Difference

Lead capture forms are part of an overall strategy known as a closed loop marketing.  Closed loop marketing ensure your campaign addresses the needs of the prospect from their first site interaction to post purchase.  With closed loop marketing you’ll be  able to see a customer’s steps through the sales process and design the marketing pieces that facilitate the movement from prospect t customer to referring customer. 

Putting It Together

Lead generation is easily attainable when a good overall strategy is used. Internet-based business owners will always benefit the most from gaining a better understanding of exactly what their typical prospect is looking for. 

Are you ready to stop the lead in your website – and begin capturing every lead and put them in your marketing funnel. 

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