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Pay per Click Budget Growing?

CPC (Cost per Click) advertising, such as Google Adwords, offers businesses an amazing opportunity to reach targeted groups of prospects and customers.  I love Google Adwords—when it’s done right, the potential to target and evaluate results is impressive. 

Having fallen in love with Google Adwords many years ago, I decided to master Google Adwords so I could use it to its full potential for my clients.  After taking several advanced Google Analytics and Google Adwords courses I put Google Adwords to work.  True to Google – there were always changes and enhancements to Google Adwords – more targeting options – enhanced ads and more. 

The other constant with my Google Adwords campaigns was the increasing budget!!  The more you spend on Google Adwords the more you can drive up the cost per click.  In my experience, when I would help a client with a Google Adword campaign they may lead their category in the short term, but it never took long before the competition followed suite.  

While it may be challenging to do Google Adwords well, it isn’t challenging to simply have a presence on Google Adwords.  Let me clarify—it is VERY easy to spend too much on Google Adwords.  If you aren’t targeting your ads, using custom landing pages and negative keywords (to name only a few spending traps) then you are probably spending too much on Google Adwords.  

Even if you are being very strategic with Google Adwords, chances are that your budget is likely to perpetually increase and there is a small chance that your conversion rate increases. 

If you are in a competitive industry (as  most of my clients are) you may lead in this space for a while, but as soon as a competitor jumps in and starts to bid on the same keywords the cost go up for both of you and the only winner is Google! 

There is a better way! 

What you spend on Google Adwords today is of no benefit tomorrow.  But if you focus your efforts on search engine optimization and simply enhancing your website for humans, the work you do is of benefit today, tomorrow and the next day.

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