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Hubspot Marketing Pays Off-- Grow your business with Hubspot!

I am my way back from Iqaluit, Nunavut.  I never thought I would pick up business in such a remote area of Canada.  The story of how I came to speak at the 23rd Annual Nunavut Trade Show and Conference is a true testament to the fact that Inbound Marketing can give a small, local business big reach!

More in Store was Atlantic Canada’s first Hubspot Agency Partner.  In 2012, I was fully Hubspot-certified  - both personally and as an agency partner.  When I discovered Hubspot, I had been doing Inbound Marketing for quite a while, so finding one tool that facilitated all Inbound Marketing tactics in one platform was dreamy. 


I immediately began using Hubspot for my own marketing needs, and then, once I mastered it, I rolled it out to my clients.  Thanks to Hubspot, my website ranks number one when you search keywords related to: Hubspot agency, Hubspot trainer, and Inbound Marketing consultant -  even in Iqaluit.  

When the team behind the Nunavut trade show and conference decided they needed an expert to present on Inbound Marketing, they found me.  Hubspot helps your site come up high when clients search for your offering.  Hubspot also has all the tools you need to convert a prospect to a lead.  With Hubspot, you’ll also have rich analytics to understand your prospects and customers’ interaction with your website. 

Ready to start being found by prospects near and far?  

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