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Keep Going to Get the Sale

Just_keep_going_1Do you ever wonder how many times your prospect needs to hear from you before they respond? A few years back I heard  Jenifer Kern, the VP of Marketing at Celerity First, speak at Inbound, and Jennifer knew it was 14 pieces of content to convert her customer, not 12-15 pieces or about a dozen pieces, but exactly 14 pieces. 

I was struck by this comment on a few levels. What if you knew this insight for your business?

Such knowledge would fuel you to keep going when it didn't seem worthwhile to persist. It would let you know its ok to label a prospect a tire kicker if they are well past that number and still not signing up – knowing how your customers behaves and the details on your sales cycle is every marketers dream come true. 

The other part of this insight that stuck with me—14 pieces of content, wow, that’s a lot of content. I am sure without the understanding of the sales cycle it would be tempting to give up on prospects at offer 8 or 9 or 12. Yet Jennifer’s crew kept on delivering until they found their magic numbers.

Now in sense 14 pieces of content is a lot – a lot of work to create. But imagine selling to these prospects without inbound marketing. Just think how many meetings or presentations and follow ups would be required if the prospects needs were not immediately being met by the right inbound marketing strategy powered by Hubspot.

Suddenly creating content that serves all your prospects seem way more efficient than having the sales team working each lead. And sure your sales team still needs to follow up and close the sale but the insights and support from Inbound Marketing is hugely helpful.

The magic of inbound marketing goes beyond that! Not only is the process efficient for the company—it is selling to the prospect exactly how they want to buy on their terms.

The content that prospects interact with meets their needs as they arise and it is targeted to them—where they are in the sales process. Ready to put Hubspot to work for you? Did you know I offer a free Inbound Marketing Assessment.

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