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Latest updates on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently introduced some changes aiming to help business professionals customize their profiles according to their preferences; hence increasing visibility on the site.


The Settings menu has undergone a few alterations to include the "How You Rank feature."  This feature shows images-3the number of profile views a user gets compared in comparison to his/her connections. It advises and gives tips on how to improve visibility. The more people get to see the user's profile the more interested they get to working with them and therefore anything that boost the user's profile viewers is advised.

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To enhance the profile of the user, LinkedIn has introduced a banner photo, which can be seen at the background of a user's profile. Professionals should remember that LinkedIn is a platform where professionals network, so you are advised to use pictures that are less personal. This boosts a user's ability to attract the right connections.

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Using this new feature, a business professional is able to see what the public and other viewers know about him/her, as soon as they've visited a profile. By doing this, users are able to configure their settings, thus making it possible for them to target a specific audience. This move has made it possible for professionals on LinkedIn to connect with like-minded professionals; and if the user's profile manages to display on the front page, he/she is provided with more chances since clients are able to find him/her quickly. The Public profile enables non-registered members, or members who aren't logged in to view a user's profile, which includes number of connections and the ability to view his/her recent activity on the site.


There are some changes that have been made to the Navigation Bar. It contains a Recent Activity menu, which resembles the timeline on Facebook and other social media sites, giving a user the ability to view activity within his network. Additionally, there's a small new downward pointing arrow, which is next to the view profile button, and has extra navigational points added to it. When clicked, the arrow displays recent activity of a user, and edit options of the profile and privacy preferences, which enables a user to control what the public can view.

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