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Recycling Content is more than ok

When it comes to blogging, there should be no shame in recycling content. As experts in the online marketing recycle_contentknow, content is king. This means that a good blog should focus on churning out fresh and high quality content on a regular basis. If you have strong content recycling it can be a great option. Recycled content can even be more successful at the second time of posting.

While the content may require some updates – more up to date statistics, updating the existing post helps to continue to leverage existing SEO position where a new blog posts on the same topic has to start from zero in terms of achieving a search position. 

If the content is much older doing an entirely new blog post might be the best option.   

Not all content needs constant updating, but often a great blog post is buried under many new posts. In such instances, the recycling would be an excellent way to promote the content without changing anything, except perhaps the calls to action. Linking such content with others on the blog post could also be an appealing opportunity. If newer readers didn’t see the previous content, recycle it for their benefit.

How to Recycle Content for Blog Posts to different formats

Blog posts should not only be current, but also shareable, engaging and readable. Consider updating content with a new visual, an infographic or new insights.

Although the reader will need current content, recycling has its place too. Experimenting with a few post updates and see which gets the uptake.  Looking for more marketing inspiration, download your copy of Tips to Creating Remarkable Marketing Campaigns.  

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