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What's in a Certification?

How Does Certification Help the Client?

Marketing is important, so much so that businesses need to exercise considerable care in making sure that their chosen marketers possess both the expertise and the experience needed to market their products and services in an efficient and effective manner. However, choosing a capable marketer is much easier said than done, though there are various methods that businesses can use to narrow their options.

For example, the right certification from the right organization can be useful for separating capable marketers from their not-so-capable counterparts. After all, so long as the organization can be trusted, certification means that the certificate-holder has met all of its standards to be considered capable of performing in their chosen field. Given the importance of marketing, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are a wide range of organizations offering a wide range of marketing certificates.

What Is HubSpot Certification?

HubSpot_Certification_badge_with_banner-1.pngOne example of such organizations is HubSpot, which is best known for a software platform that powers inbound marketing in all of its forms, which range from blogs and social media profiles to optimizing websites for the search engines. Hubspot is the undisputed leader in Inbound Marketing which is why Hubspot also offers a number of certifications for the field:

Inbound Certification

Like its name suggests, Inbound Certification serves as an introduction to inbound marketing as well as a simple and straightforward primer for the fundamentals of the concept. It covers things such as creating good content, creating good landing pages, and nurturing leads. Inbound Certification is a fairly easily achieved certification but it provides certificate-holders with a firm foundation to build on.

HubSpot Certificationhubspot_badge-1.jpg

In contrast to Inbound Certification, HubSpot Certification focuses more on Hubspot's software platform, passing on best practices as well as explaining how each of those best practices fit into inbound marketing. This means that its certificate-holders can be expected to not just know how inbound marketing should be done but also how the software platform should be used as an integral part of a business's inbound marketing.

HubSpot Partner Certification

If HubSpot Certification focuses on how Hubspot should be used, HubSpot Partner Certification focuses on how HubSpot should be used for the sake of the client. As a result, it includes topics such as package services, price services, provide services, and ensure excellent results as measured using quantifiable metrics. In other words, certificate-holders can be expected to know how to ensure client satisfaction in the course of assisting them with their inbound marketing.

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Summed up, if businesses want a capable marketer that takes the time and effort needed to keep their skills up-to-date, a good choice would be someone who has received all three certifications from HubSpot. After all, inbound marketing is a fast-paced field, meaning that those who refuse to keep up will be left behind.

While these certifications may not appear as acronyms on my business card and are no replacement for my Bachelor of Public Relations or Masters in Business Administration, they do demonstrate may commitment to Inbound Marketing and Hubspot.  

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