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Recent LinkedIn changes and how to leveraging your presence

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Wed, Apr 16, 2014 @ 11:04 AM

Are you leveraging the online networking opportunities with LinkedIn?  In 2012, I blogged about, How to Use LinkedIn to Generate Business Two years on and I still love LinkedIn. Hands down THE social media platform that generates the most leads and business for More in Store. 

Just like the other social media platforms, LinkedIn continues to adapt and evolve their presentation and features.  Most recently, LinkedIn announced that effective on April 14th they will retire the “Products and Services” tab from “Company Pages” and removed from LinkedIn all together.

linked in company pages 

As of April 14th the product and services tab has be deleted, effectively the tab is being replaced by the Showcase Pages.   Showcase pages can be tested out now. 

According to LinkedIn, here are three reasons to use a Showcase Page for your product and/or service content:

  1. ‘Showcase Pages’ were built to enable you to highlight a particular brand or product line.
  2. ‘Showcase pages’ make it easy to build a dedicated community on LinkedIn and start an ongoing conversation about a particular product or brand.
  3. ‘Showcase page’ followers know to expect news about your ‘product or service’ – in fact, they’re looking forward to it! And since Showcase Page updates work just like company updates, they offer all of the benefits detailed above.

I tried out this new feature and created a ‘showcase page’ for my Inbound Marketing Services.  A couple of cool features that I liked about the new ‘Showcase pages’ are…

  1. ‘Showcase pages’ are Indexed and appear when using LinkedIn Search

linkedin showcase pages

This is a wonderful feature that we didn’t see with the ‘Company Page’s Service and Products’ tab.  With the page being index you have the opportunity to gain exposure with non-followers – name your page wisely using highly searched terms to attract prospects. 


2. Once your showcase page is set up, you can choose to post to your Company Page, to the Showcase page or to both.  This will ensure the most targeted reach of your updates on LinkedIn.

    showcase page screen shot

    The showcase pages are also more visual than original Company Pages’ Service and Products tab.  The full width image allows you 973 x 330 pixel area to showcase your offering.  Much like other social platforms you’ll need to layout your text around the logo that LinkedIn adds to the bottom left and the follow button they also insert over the full width image. 

    I can see the value of the Showcase pages and will likely create a few more.  Are you putting a LinkedIn Company page to work for you?  Not sure where to get started?  Make tackling this important tactic easy with my free ebook, LinkedIn Company Pages.

    Download Now! 

    And if your personal profile could use a little TLC, I have a free ebook for that too!  Download a copy of Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile.

    Download Now!



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    Always changing social media and inbound marketing

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 15:04 PM

    Internet and inbound marketing is a constant battle as it is, trying to make sure current and updated content makes it onto sites, social media and other important venues. Not only does it take time to generate these current materials, but it also takes time to learn the social media tools to take advantage of social media and Internet marketing. The problem is, however, that social media is always evolving and changing. Social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are constantly changing and improving features on their websites. It makes it exhausting for a marketer to keep up on!

    Recently, we published a social media cover cheat sheet as a downloadable resource on our website at More In Store. Less than two weeks have gone by, and there has already been a major change in the way that a social media giant is using cover photos. Now, not only did we think we were up to date and on top of the changes, we figured that this download would prove to be resourceful and current for at least more than a couple weeks. Wrong!

    Twitter logoTwitter is at it again! A major web profile layout redesign for members’ profiles is afoot. With this change, they’re also introducing (as quoted from Twitter’s blog post): 

        • Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.
        • Pinned Tweet: Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about.
        • Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

    With these changes, Twitter is anticipating members will have it “…even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile.” People who register on Twitter for a new account will be automatically introduced to the new profile layout, and existing members will slowly begin to see their profiles changed over in the coming weeks.

    This new profile layout will also boast a larger cover image, which meant our new resource

    Social Media Cheat Sheet Photo

     “2014 Social Media Cover Cheat Sheet” resource is now outdated. Worry not, though! We have created an updated version that is ready for you to download immediately. 

    Click the button below to be taken to the updated 2014 Social Media Cover Cheat Sheet download! There you will find cover photo dimensions for Twitter, but also you’ll find dimensions for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ too!

    Click here to download

    We hope you enjoy the new changes to Twitter and with help from this document, create great and effective cover photos for your new profile.

    Want some help? Don’t want to take on this by yourself? Contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you get started with Twitter and their new user profiles. Click below!

    Connect with Me!

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    More Marketing Pitfalls

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Wed, Apr 02, 2014 @ 09:04 AM

    Effective marketing is an art and a science.  With so many different venues to get your message out, it is crucial that you spend your marketing dollars wisely.  This blog post follows Marketing Pitfalls, and highlights more marketing pitfalls and just like those spring potholes... steer clear of these pitfalls...pot hole two

    1.    Using a website developer that uses aggregate content

    Your company website is one of your most important assets.  Done right, it will be found by a wide spectrum of prospective and current customer alike, and, it will make your business shine, giving prospects and customers the information they need to do business with you, and also tell others about you.

    Creating and maintaining an amazing site requires unique content written specifically for YOU.  Many companies offer to simplify your website creation process by providing turn key templates, including pre-written text.  I see this very commonly in the health sector – websites designed for dentists, physiotherapists, vets etc.  These providers tell you they know your industry and have realized success in your industry in other markets.  While their offer to serve you up pre written content may help you to turn on a live site pronto, you can and should do much better than this.  Your business deserves better than generic content and worse yet, Google doesn’t like duplicate content and your site will not rank as well in Google if you use this approach for a website development. 

    Investing in unique content is always worth the time and money.  Take the time to understand who your target audience is and speak to them in your own words, they’ll appreciate it and you’ll appreciate the higher search rankings by staying away from duplicate content.

    3. Focusing on the wrong social media matrix

    Social media success isn’t defined by the number of LIKEs you have on Facebook, or the number of followers on Twitter. Effective social media marketing is about using social media to grow your business.  You need to get beyond LIKEs and start creating LEADs.  It’s easy to create BUZZ with social media, but the magic happens in the next step – moving prospects down the funnel and converting them to leads and then customers.  Getting from LIKEs to LEADs requires a strategy that helps move people through the sales cycle with effective call to actions, landing pages, conversion forms and more. 

    Consider downloading, Download The Social Media Tune-UP: 3 Step Process to Effective Social Media Accounts.  Enhancing your social media presence will be as easy as 1-2-3 with this free guide. 

    3.    Not setting benchmarks or reviewing your results

    John Wannamaker, a rather famous businessperson from the 1800s used to say, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.

    Are your marketing efforts still back in the 1800s?  Technology has made tracking marketing efforts so much easier.  If you don’t have Google Analytics or another web site tracking tool, get it on your website right away.  Google Analytics is a free tool and it can provide you with tremendous marketing insights.  Make sure you are gathering marketing data at every possible point and take the time to analyze the results.  After all, you can’t improve what you don't measure.

    4.    Not defining or poorly defined target audience

    Do you know who your target audience is?  Do you know him or her so well that you have a clear picture of her, do you know demographic and physiographic details?  This great blog article by Hubspot provides details on how to incorporate physiographic into your marketing  Getting clear on your customer will greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

    5.    Caught in old marketing practices that are eating up your resources?

    Marketing is changing and evolving.  Some tactics like networking and the value of positive customer feedback have stood the test of time and will always be a part of effective marketing in one form or another.  But some practices should be retired.  Maybe it’s a social network that you jumped on sometime ago, but now with your well defined target audience you know your customers aren’t even on that platform. Perhaps you’re churning out meaningless reports just because somebody is used to getting a certain report the old fashion way every Tuesday.  Take the time to review your marketing efforts and ask yourself if each of them are making a difference or are some just being done because that’s the way you’re used to doing it?

    Why not download a copy of our free ebook, 10 Useless Things to Cut From Your Marketing and see what time you could free up for marketing tactics that could positively affect the bottom line.

    Click here to download the eBook! 

    Have you been caught by a marketing pitfall?  Share your experience below in the comments section.  

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    Blogging Success -- it's the call to action that matters

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Mon, Mar 24, 2014 @ 14:03 PM

    There are a lot of statistics claiming to show that blogging can help the SEO of business sites - and it's true: blogs do attract traffic from search engines. However, traffic is worthless if it does not convert into sales. The best blogs engage readers right until the very end of the post, and then drive them to the landing page, which is where the magic happens.

    Call to Action

    So how do the best blogs convince readers to click through to the target page? The secret liescall to actions in the post's call to action, which is usually located at the very end of the post. This is a golden opportunity to convert an engaged and open reader into a profitable customer.

    Getting the wording of the call to action right takes great subtlety and skill. It is not enough to simply put a link at the bottom of a great blog post and hope that a few readers will click on it. The call to action needs to be every bit as engaging as the post that went before it, or the reader will simply stop reading and hit the back button on their browser, rather than following the link to access the landing or sales pages of the site. The call to action needs to entice the reader and pique their curiosity about what lies behind the link.

    Investing in Profitable Calls to Action

    When it comes to blogging, it does not make sense to cut corners. A talented marketing professional will not only deliver top-quality blog content that is interesting to read all the way to the end, but also produce engaging calls to action that maximize the chance of the visitor clicking through to the targeted page.

    Outsourcing online marketing, including blogging, makes sense. Not only is outsourcing cost-efficient because it frees up in-house staff to focus on the day-to-day running of the business, but it also means that blog posts start driving traffic as soon as they are posted, because both the content of the post and the call to action are optimized for success.

    Hiring the right marketing expert to handle the blogging needs of a business can increase conversion rates and therefore drive up profits. Don't view blogging as a necessary evil - make a serious investment in blogging as a vital part of the business's overall online marketing strategy, and then watch as the investment pays off.

    Want to find out how to get an effective call to action that helps drive profitable traffic?

    Download this FREE eBook FREE eBook! - How to Grow & Scale Your Business Blog I cover Call to Actions (skip to page 21) and a lot of other great tips for your blogging success.  

    Click here to download the eBook!

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    Taking inbound marketing back to the basics

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Mon, Mar 03, 2014 @ 09:03 AM

    I’ve been doing this a lot of years. Marketing, that is. I’ve learned the industry, adapted to the new digital era of marketing, and have since built my business around inbound marketing. Often, we get caught up in all of the bells and whistles of Internet marketing, but we forget the basics of what makes it all come together.

    Let’s bring inbound marketing back to the basics. What is it? Why do we use it? Why is it effective?

    Traditionally, marketers would shell out hundreds… even thousands of dollars on outbound marketing techniques, like creating a billboard to be placed in hopes that your prospects will drive by during the time the billboard is up. Television advertisements work similarly, where you invest on coming up with a television commercial concept, write the script, shoot the commercial, produce the final cut and ultimately pay to put it on the air. Mind you, television commercials are becoming even less effective as now our prospects have learned how to turn off the noise, with their DVRs and skipping over commercials. All of these avenues of traditional marketing expire. What’s happened within the last couple years is marketers discovered that people were starting to search the Internet for information on products and services before they made a purchase or subscription. So, they took that discovery and ran with it.

    Inbound marketing has proven time and time again to be more effective and less costly than traditional marketing. Rather than sending messages to massive amounts of people at a time, we as marketers want to target the right message, to the right people, at the right time. We want our products and services to be found when people go searching. One of the main ways of doing this is search engine optimization, and building an effective business blog

    Inbound Marketing Methodology

    Inbound marketing methodology

    Because inbound marketing has become so complex, it can get tricky when trying to figure out the best strategies to tackle first. In some cases, companies and organizations take on this task themselves. That is, creating and or maintaining their website and social media on their own. Social media is quite a labour intensive task as it is, and not having someone dedicated to it more often than not will normally lead to an ineffective use of time and money. Now, there are marketing agencies out there who eat, breathe and dream marketing, and organizations and companies are starting to hire these agencies to do their marketing for them. This is becoming an effective practice yielding a positive return on investments. Hiring an inbound marketing agency can be tricky, and you want to make sure you make best use of your time and money you invest into an inbound marketing agency. I’ve written a guide to hiring an inbound marketing agency that will help you navigate the questions and process of hiring an agency.. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, but are unsure how or have noticed that your current efforts aren’t yielding desired results, this download is for you. You want to make sure you seek the right advice, and the hire the right talent to take charge of your marketing.

    Now, not only is it important to have an effective business blogging practice in place, and have someone who knows what they’re doing maintaining it; creating and maintaining an effective Facebook fanpage is also important. With more than one billion active users, there is absolutely no doubt that your customers are on Facebook! Why not go after them too? Now, you have to be careful though. You are competing with their family photos, friend’s status updates and a plethora of other business marketing being driven their way. This is why you have to make sure you do Facebook fanpages right. Take a look at my eBook, “Creating an Effective Facebook Fanpage.” I’ve included 13 great tips that will help you make sure you’re getting the most of your Facebook efforts.

    We’ve only touched on the tip of the iceberg in terms of the many tactics to realize inbound marketing… that is, there is so much more to making marketing efforts effective and making good use of your money. Let’s make sure your marketing is yielding you the right results, and ultimately reaching new prospects. Do you know where your inbound marketing is at right now? Contact me for a free inbound marketing assessment. I’d love to take a look and see where you’re doing well and where you can improve.

    Click below for a free inbound marketing assessment.

    Free Inbound  Marketing Assessment

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    Effective Facebook Fanpage Download Fully Updated for 2014

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Fri, Jan 17, 2014 @ 16:01 PM

    Did you set a business resolution with the New Year upon us? 

    We are two weeks into 2014, behavioral experts say it takes three weeks of an activity to become a habit, so if you’ve made changes to your marketing at the beginning of the year, you should be well on your way to creating some sustainable new practices.

    Facebook Fanpage eBook Cover 2014Despite the best New Year’s resolutions, reality would have it; most of the successful entrepreneurs I work with do not have the time to devote to their marketing efforts.  It’s not that marketing isn’t important to them; it’s rather they understand the value of working with an expert to achieve their marketing goals that otherwise may only receive sporadic attention.  

    If you are active in social media, you know that the platforms area always changing.  Take for example cover photos. When Facebook first launched cover photos, there were many restrictions on what businesses could put on them.  Those restrictions have been lifted, but have you had a chance to update your cover photo—giving it the attention it deserves?  Are you up to date on what makes an effective cover photo while following Facebook guidelines? 

    Last year one of the most popular downloads from my website was Creating an Effective Facebook Fanpage.  This guide helped many businesses enhance their Facebook Fanpages and helped others to realize that they’d rather outsource their social media presence to an expert. 

    If you are not using social media or Facebook as a part of your marketing mix, it’s time to put these vital tools to work for you.  Need to be convinced or to convince somebody else (like your boss)? This guide also has lots of great stats on the merit of Facebook for marketing your business. Here is a sneak peak of just two:

    • It’s vital for businesses to have a Facebook presence as 80% of Faceook users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook. (WordPress Hosting SEO)
    • 47% of Americans say that Facebook has a greater impact on their purchasing behavior than any other social network. (State of Search)

    With more than 1.19 billion active monthly users, Facebook has become the new word of mouth (or perhaps words of mouse).  Done right, Facebook makes it easy for others to learn about your brand and for people to tell their friends about you.  Chances are, your best clients’ friends would likely also make amazing clients for you. 

    This important marketing platform cannot be left to chance.  Just because the boss’ teenage daughter is always on social media, doesn’t mean she is equipped to create and manage an effective Facebook Fanpage.  Many small business owners are tempted to delegate social media to the person ‘who is on social media’.  While being on Facebook may give you the comfort of how the tool works, Business Fanpages have many unique features and apps. Understanding the nuances of a Facebook Fanpage and the special features to market your business on Facebook can set you apart and create a wonderful online presence for your prospects and customers alike. 

    A lot has changed since I first launched the Creating an Effective Facebook Fanpage – Edgerank is no longer, and you’ll find the info now under Facebook’s Algorithm.  Many marketers have been noticing a decline in the reach they can achieve following Facebook’s changes.  Understanding Story Bumping and Last Actor sheds light on how Facebook chooses to serve up content and how you understanding these recent changes will allow you to make the most of every post you publish.  

    Even if enhancing your Facebook Fanpage isn’t on your list of marketing tactics for 2014, take a moment and download this free eBook. I’m sure you’ll see the benefit of Facebook Fanpages working for YOUR business.

    Click here to download the eBook!

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    Lead Generation Lessons for Online Marketing

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Thu, Feb 07, 2013 @ 13:02 PM

    Canadians spend a considerable and growing amount of time online.  With the wide spread adaption of Smart Phones, many Canadians’ time online starts before they even get out of bed girl on computer in bedand our love for the Internet continues throughout the day, at home and at work and often during the commute between the two. 

    It might be the long winters, or the national pastime of keeping tabs on Justin Bieber.  Whatever the reason, Canadians are spending more time online than any other country, including highly wired societies such as China, South Korea and the United States.

    Canadians, on average sit in front of their computers for a whopping 45.3 hours a month, taking in content from some 98 websites. The majority of that time is spent on social networking sites such as Facebook. Read more about Canadians use of the Internet here.  

    But Canadians aren’t just playing, or looking at friends’ photos online, they are also buying online and doing pre-buying research. Online shopping for the 2012 Holiday Season was expected to represent a 2% increase in sales.

    While not all items lend themselves to being sold online, the spectrum of products we are willing to buy online is growing.  Savvy marketers don’t miss any opportunities to serve up a buy now or add to my cart option or the chance to capture my email for future marketing. 

    A growing number of visitors to a website may be bragging rights for some marketers, but savvy marketers know that a visit is not enough.  Today’s well optimized websites are designed to capture a lead.

    Capturing a lead allows the business to reach out to the once browsing visitor with a series of well thought out and timed offers.  Too many sites let visits come and go without presenting the opportunity to start a dialogue.  It’s kind of like letting hundreds of highly valued customers come and go in a retail store and the sales representative never saying hello, asking if they can help or telling them about the big promotion next week. 

    It seems absurd to think a retailer would pass up the opportunity to engage a customer in store, yet many sites don’t take the chance to capture leads and create a plan to engage with prospects and customers.

    A website that has evolved from having visitors to capturing and engaging leads  is equipped to build powerful relationships with potential customers and customers alike.  Customer data is powerful, and if you have a website you have the potential to learn a great deal of customer insights and marketing opportunities through proper lead generation. 

    The attached ebook has dozens of useful insights collected by Hubspot from more than 4,000 businesses.

    Download Now!

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    Blog Entry – Top Reasons to Hire an Entrepreneur to Do Your Marketing

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, Jan 29, 2013 @ 08:01 AM

    When helping my clients to realize their marketing and communication goals, I learn a great deal about these amazing business people – what drives them, what makes them tick, where they get their ideas, how they unwind and recharge.  Typically, my clients are trailblazing entrepreneurs who are pushing the limits in a competitive sector. We click because I too am an entrepreneur building a business one happy client at a time.  We click because:

    • I know that success and break-throughs take risk (carefully calculated and planned risk). 
    • I know that business moves insanely fast, I’ll answer my phone day or night. 
    • I am ready to act on ideas (yesterday).  MY entrepreneur clients are doers – they don’t have layers in their business structure for a reason – they like to get it done and so do I.

    I am an entrepreneur too!  I know that every dollar spend on marketing had to be earned, but that making money requires investing time and money too!  (just the right investments).  Marketing needs to be accountable-- I just get that.  If a marketing initiative is worth doing, it’s worth tracking and it had better deliver or a new tactic will quickly take its place. 

    My clients also appreciate that as an entrepreneur, I am highly networked -– if you need a partner, supplier I am likely able to help make connections.  I’ve worked in a large agency and I stay connected to other communication professionals (designers, writers, producers, researchers and others).  We can come together as a larger team as needed. 

    Entrepreneur marketers don’t mind asking.  Having built my own business, I’ve had to put my neck out and ask for what I need to get it done.  It might be for a reference, or for a connection, for special terms on payment or negotiating a better rate, but I don’t mind asking for what I need to succeed and my clients value a partner who is willing to do the same on their behalf.  

    As an entrepreneur, I walk the walk and market the heck out of my own business.  I do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work, write the blogs, do the newsletters and generate publicity around my business.  

    If you are looking to outsource your marketing and need a consultant who is as dedicated and hard working as you, click here to learn more about working with Me as your Marketing Ally.

    more out of your marketing

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    Is PR Dead with all this Online Marketing

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 07:01 AM

    Video killed the radio song?  Well not really.  And just like the radio song, PR is alive and well.  But I do sometimes get asked where public relations all fits in with so many new technologies changing the communications and marketing landscape.

    I feel equipped to answer this question because over the years, my own passion between PR and Marketing and has been a bit like a teeter totter. 

    PR and Marketing

    My under grad degree is in public relations, but for more than a dozen years I worked in corporate marketing and advertising and completed my MBA in Marketing at the same time.

    Now as an independent marketing consultant, I get to draw on both skill sets.  And I often get to choose the type of projects (marketing or PR) that I work on.  More and more, I find myself drawn to the media relations or publicity work.  I find the publicity work incredibly exciting and rewarding.  Maybe it’s because after 15 years of working in this market I have established relationships with local journalists and media outlets. 

    Perhaps the reason I find myself doing more and more PR work is because of the type of clients I work with.  They have amazing stories to tell.  I tend to work with trail blazing entrepreneurs who are the leaders in their sectors.  They are doing things differently—creating media worthy stories on a regular basis.  

    Generating publicity is hugely rewarding because it is easy to track the effectiveness of your PR efforts.  Seeing your business story in print or on the evening news is a rewarding and tangible outcome, not to mention highly valued exposure.  Publicity is considered to be valued 3-5 times the ad rate of the media outlet.  So a three minute news story would be valued at $36,000 - $60,000 if the 30 sec commercial rate is $2000. 

    So does that flip the teeter totter in favour of public relations? 

    public relations and marketing

    Well yes and no.  The evolution of social media and online marketing in general has made the web such an exciting place to share messages with target audiences.  Correctly built websites allow two way communication between corporations and their target audience (something unheard of a decade ago).  

    The news piece realized from publicity efforts becomes an excellent communication piece to circulate in social media – post the news story, tweet the pictures etc. 

     While PR is not dead, it’s changing--it’s evolving.  There are many ways to incorporate social media into a public relations strategy to connect with audiences and journalists alike.   At the end of the day, the media isn’t the target – your customer, prospects, or stakeholders are the target.  The media used to be the conduit to get to your audience, but increasingly social media present opportunities to reach your audience directly without the intermediary of the media. 

    The publicity generated in the mass media can drive customers (and prospects who may never have heard of you before) to your website or to your social platforms.  They may hear your message initially through the eyes of the media, but you have the opportunity to tell the story directly to your audience without any intermediaries through the use of online marketing. 

    PR and Social Media can thrive off one another.  By no means is PR dead, but perhaps it’s forgotten or not given the proper attention as the communication mix evolves and makes room for the newer technologies of online marketing and social media.  

    Looking to make sure you are benefitting from the synergies of using PR & Social Media together to reach your target audience with your key messages?  Download your copy of my, Essential Guide to Getting Your Story in the Spotlight Using Traditional PR & Social Media.

    Download Now

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    The Social Media Tune-Up: Process for Effective Social Media

    Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Mon, Jan 07, 2013 @ 15:01 PM

    When I first started training on Social Media, I used to dedicate considerable time to showing the business value of a social media.  Today most business owners get that social media is (or should be) an integral part of any marketing mix.  With current training sessions on social media, the stumbling blocks are often more about how to be effective on social media. Participants are unsure of:

    • The best social media tools for their business
    • How often to post
    • What to post
    • Reasonable expectations from social media
    • Tips to really rock in social media
    • How to conduct a social media tune up
    social media tune up

    A successful social media strategy will look different for different businesses.  While the top social media tools may be the same, a strategy for a business to business company will be quite different to a consumer marketing company. 

    Some tips to realize social media success are broad reaching and apply to most businesses.  There are several social media tools worth considering including the obvious 5: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest, but be cautious on how much you take on.  You are better off to have a strong and effective presence in a few social media platforms than to be spread too thin in many social platforms.  Perhaps, the only thing worse than not having a social media presence, is to have a dated profile that no one is monitoring and customer comments are left unattended.  Start with the basics and add other tools only once you are comfortable with your existing profiles.

    Are the social media platforms that you are using the right ones for your target audience?  Ask customers what tools they use and what they look for from business on the various social media platforms.  Use your web analytics (Google Analytics or other tools) to determine which social platforms drive the most traffic to your site.  I worked with a client who was about to abort his Facebook Strategy—but Google Analytics revealed that Facebook was the second biggest driver of traffic to the company site.  Chances are you have concrete information on whether Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn is sending you any valuable web traffic. 

    Once you’ve selected the social media platforms that are a right fit for your audience, dig deep into that tool.  If Facebook is on your list, use Facebook Insights to get a better understanding of how your fans use your facebook page.  Facebook Insights provides demographic information, click through information and much more.  You’ll be able to see which posts had the most impact on your audience.  Have you tried different types of posts – questions, images, videos, promotional information, and educational information?  Use Facebook Insights to see which post type (and time) generates the most click throughs. 

    What about Twitter?  Whether you’ve been there for a while or just jumping in, chances are you could use a tune up.  Do you promote events on Twitter, how many times a day is best for your audience?

    Before your next post, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and review your social media strategy and tactics.  Perhaps it’s time for a tune up.  Download this free guide to The Social Media Tune-Up:  3 Steps Process to Effective Social Media Accounts.

    Download Now

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