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Google Keyword Tool to help your SEO

Keywords play a crucial role for the effective seo marketing campaigns. This is not news to anyonekeyword even remotely considering an seo marketing strategy and it’s certainly something the long-time marketers track regularly. Finding the right keywords and putting them to work for your business is not always easy, but there’s help. 

Since keywords are so important, it only makes sense to figure them out at the source — Google.

What exactly is the Google Keyword Tool?
It is a tool that helps identify the number of searches for specific words or phrases. It then offers traffic estimates, competition and much more associated with the keyword. Users can find keyword ideas based on a specific keyword, a URL or a keyword category. Using this knowledge gives marketers the ability to optimize their site, blog or mobile apps by including the right keywords in their content.

Using the Google Keywords tool effectively
It may be somewhat confusing when paying a visit to the keyword tool for the first time because it is designed for pay-per-click and not everyone is using the tool to spend money on ads. It sounds simple, but some exploration is needed to appreciate the benefits.

Searching phrases like content marketing, internet marketing and online marketing will bring results about those phrases and many more related terms. Starting with “content marketing” we see that 74,000 monthly searches take place globally, but should anyone trust that number? Don’t forget to check the filters used in the search.

Look in the left column under “Match Types.” It probably defaulted to “Broad” and that means the results include the number of searches that include the phrase. Click “Exact” to watch the keyword numbers reflect a more realistic search volume. “Content marketing” now shows 14,800 searches. That’s not too bad, but it will make a user think twice before diving into a complete seo marketing campaign using that keyword.

The “Match Types” section also includes an option for “Phrase.” This includes keywords where the term is used with other words within a phrase. Using the “Phrase” filter for “content marketing” would count searches in the results like “best content marketing” or “creative content marketing.”

What to look for in a keyword
Finding a relevant keyword can be tricky. Especially when so many results and ideas that are generated really don’t hit the mark. To keep it simple, watch the numbers under “Local Searches” and take note of the “Competition.” That’s the ideal situation particularly for a service-oriented business targeting a specific area.

A little planning before the keyword hunt
Sometimes it’s a good idea to go low-tech and write words and phrases that matter out on a piece of paper. It’s also effective to gather your staff for their input and simply listen to words customers use when they place an order. With a solid list of keywords in hand, the Google Keyword Tool is the perfect place to put those phrases to the test before you commit.

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