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Digital Marketing Quick Wins-- 7 Quick fixes that will make a difference to your Marketing Efforts

Quick Marketing winsWho doesn’t love a quick win? 2020 has been tough for so many businesses. Countless businesses have seen tremendous losses, many have even closed their doors. Even those businesses that are doing well are likely to report that it has been hard to adapt to the new regulations and to successful conduct business during Covid-19.

With that theme in mind, I am sharing some quick wins. Marketing doesn’t have to be a slog, sometimes there are little things you can do that will greatly enhance your marketing this week.

  1. Run your site through Marketing Grader.
    I’ve blogged about Marketing Grader before, readHow do you stack up – Marketing Grader Marketing Grader is a free marketing analysis tool created by Hubspot.  It allows you to analyze your marketing presence instantly Why not give it a try and see how your marketing efforts stack up? 
  2. Recycle an old blog post or another marketing offer.
    When it comes to blogging, there should be no shame in recycling content. As experts in the online marketing know, content is king. This means that a good blog should focus on churning out fresh and high-quality content on a regular basis. If you have strong content, recycling it can be a great option. Recycled content can even be more successful at the second time of posting. Read the blog here Recycling Content is more than ok
  3. Keep Going to get the sale.
    Did you know that you may need to reach out to a prospect as many as 8 times to get the sale? Great insight in this article by Jeff Hoffman, The Ultimate Guide to Prospecting: How Many Touchpoints, When, and What Type.  “When it comes to the number of touchpoints necessary to guarantee prospecting success, there's plenty of evidence that suggests response rates rise with each outreach attempt. And statistically, across a broad spectrum of data, that number is around eight,” (Hoffman). But it isn’t just about how many times you reach out; it is about reaching out with purpose. Chances are you have a few leads in the funnel who could benefit from a, “How can I help call”. Check out Jeff’s article here.
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  1. Take inventory of your assets.  So much of marketing focuses on the creation of great content. Create, publish, repeat. But while great content is important, it is also important to keep track of where it is going and what impact it is having.
    Check out my blog. Take inventory of your assets. Chances are, you’ll realize that you have good content that is worth another share.
  1. Stop the back and form with prospects with the creation of a Meeting Link
    I am sure you’ve likely used one of these meeting schedulers.  It is designed to help you, schedule your appointments faster by eliminate the back and forth of meeting scheduling.  It puts the power to book meetings in the hands of your prospects.  Once booked, meetings sync to your Google or Office 365 calendar, so prospects can always see your most up-to-date availability.
    You’ll find various apps to create a meeting link, but my favorite is the Hubspot Meeting link, and it just happens to be free. Learn about the Hubpost Free Remote User tools here 
  1. Workflows One of my favorite Hubspot tools, but also something you can find in other Marketing Automation software, is a workflow. The workflows tool automates your marketing, sales, and service processes. Internal processes that can be automated include notifying and assigning deals to your sales team based on various qualifying factors, as well as rotating leads. External processes that can be automated include email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing. The possibilities are endless. A quick way to get started with a workflow is to turn one on to update a contacts property. Take for example keeping track of when a lead goes from being Marketing Qualified to Sales Qualified, this can easily be set up in a workflow. It could be as simple as setting a trigger, like when a prospect books a meeting with a sale person, the workflow could change the property to a Sales Qualified Lead. This is one of many quick workflows to turn on that really puts a marketing automation tool to work for you.
    Video may have killed the Radio Song but can sure help your marketing. Are you using video for your marketing and sales efforts, If not it’s time? It is no longer sufficient to save video for just one piece of your overall marketing plan. Now more than ever, video must be a central piece of your entire marketing strategy. Video is not just for marketing campaigns. It plays a huge role in the one-to-one sales function as well.  According to Vidyard, including video in emails can improve click through rates (CTRs) by 200-300% and improve meetings booked by 500%. Check out my blog posts to get start with Vidyard.
    There you have 7 quick wins to jump start your marketing! And for reading this far along, I am throwing in an 8th. Sign up for a free Marketing Assessment. We’ll hop on a call and I’ll take a look at your site and give you some more personalized quick fixes.
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