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Starting and Growing a Business and Not sure If you can Afford Hubspot?

I have been a Hubspot user and Agency Partner since 2012.  Over the years, I’ve helped dozens of local (and not so local) businesses attract and covert leads into customers by using Hubspot.  One question I often get asked is, “Do I really need Hubspot to do effective Inbound Marketing?” Often emerging business wonder if they can afford Hubspot – is it the right place to spend their funds as they grow their business?

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You can certainly do Inbound Marketing without Hubspot. Even Hubspot shares their ideas on how to DYI your Digital Marketing without using their software. FrankenSpot, by Hubspot is their guide on, How to Build An Inbound Marketing Platform Without Using HubSpot.  Hubspot says it best, “If you like to hack solutions together. This guide is for you.” But I can also tell you, as I do in my blog post… Do I really need Hubspot to do Effective Inbound Marketing? That you will save hours every month if you use a smart and robust tool like Hubspot.

For the ambitious Entrepreneur who is still watching their expenses, there is some great news, a Hubspot special rate just for Entrepreneurs. You may have heard of Hubspot for Start-ups – an amazing program offering cost saving for Start Ups, but that is limited to Start ups that are working with approved incubator, accelerator, or Venture Capital partners and who have raised Series A funding.

HubSpot for Entrepreneurs: is for the Entrepreneur looking to Scale Faster and Scale better.

Entrepreneurs using the HubSpot Growth Platform acquire and retain more customers with HubSpot’s software, educational resources, and robust integrations. All at entrepreneur-friendly pricing up to 30% off.

Are you Eligible for HubSpot for Entrepreneurs?
Current members or alumni of an approved partner of HubSpot for Entrepreneurs are eligible. HubSpot for Entrepreneur pricing is applicable to net-new HubSpot Hubs or upgrades of existing Starter subscriptions to Professional or Enterprise products; customers may not apply the program pricing to existing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise Hubs.

How Much Does HubSpot for Entrepreneurs Cost?
Eligible entrepreneurs receive 30% off the HubSpot Growth Platform in their first year, and 15% off ongoing.

Whether you are considering Hubspot for StartUp, Hubspot for Entrepreneurs or Hubspot for any business, the software is only one part of the cost.  The marketing strategy to putt this powerful tool to work for you is also essential. This can be done in house, or outsourced or a hybrid approach.  Interesting in learning about putting Hubspot to work for you?  Let's chat.

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