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The Power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Wed, Aug 27, 2014 @ 14:08 PM

Search Engine Optimization is something a lot of people know about but do not understand. SEO is time-consuming to implement and if not done the correct way, can have poor results. Don't expect to have a page with just a bunch of keywords and wait for traffic to be directed to it by search engines. Big and small businesses alike need to properly create and adapt their search engine optimization strategies to get the most out of their website.

What is SEO?

SEO Question

Let’s start from the beginning: what is search engine optimization? In a nutshell, SEO is changing a web page to get it to the top of the list when someone hits enter on a relevant Google or Yahoo search. This is everything from putting keywords in the pages itself to having the right meta tags. There are many facets to search engine optimization, and businesses with large websites often have an entire team devoted to this task.

Basically one should get inside the mind of a visitor to their site. How did they get there and what are they looking for? If no SEO tactics were used, it is assured that a visitor didn’t get there from a Google search? So it must be advertising, either in the form of free links to the site or paid advertising links. The amount of traffic generated from these links is drastically lower than what can be generated by being on the first page of a search results list.

Implementing this Approach

The problem with implementing SEO and inbound links for a website is that it takes a lot of time —firstly to learn about SEO, and secondly to actually optimize the content. It is easy to see this as something that doesn’t need to be dealt with right now and there are other parts of the business which need time devoted to them. However, in 99% of cases, this is incorrect. Correctly used, optimizing a site for search engines will increase the inbound traffic hundreds, if not thousands of times. Added to that, the people that are on the site are actually looking for the service provided by the site. Instead of having three or four customers making purchases from a site each day, there would be thousands. There is literally no faster way to grow a business.

This doesn’t mean that the other tasks around the business are getting done, and how can a business owner be sure that the SEO implementation has gone according to plan? This is why it is often better for small businesses to outsource this task to a professional. Search engine optimization is basically web marketing. In an age where people turn to the internet to search for everything, it is viable to spend more money on web promotion than more traditional forms of marketing —using radio or television.

The best way to increase inbound traffic is to maximize the number of ways people are entering the site.  From blog posts and gaining a foothold in social media to optimizing landing pages and forms, they all play a role in getting your site to a number #1 Google ranking and increase traffic flow to a business exponentially.

We've put together a free ebook for you, whether you've already invested in an SEO strategy or are just getting started, this guide will help you gain a stronger understanding of all aspects of the SEO process. 

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More Efficient Marketing Spending: Why You Need Effective Calls To Action On Your Website

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 13:07 PM

Growing a business is not just about spending money, but about spending your money effectively.  Everyone knows that businesses need to market their products or services, but blindly throwing dollars at marketing promotions does not always reap full benefits, and can in fact be a gigantic money sink for any business.  When a company makes the move away from a simple marketing campaign and incorporates specific calls to action for their target audience, business owners start to see a better return on their marketing investment.

Tracking recruitment image

A Better Method Of Tracking

Business owners have to ask themselves a lot of questions, and in the area of marketing three are of particular importance:  What was the ROI for the last three marketing campaigns?  Which marketing strategy generated the most click throughs?  What is the customer persona that can be used to tailor future campaigns to those customers most likely to do business with the company?  If a business owner does not have the answer to any of these readily at hand, he or she may be wasting their marketing dollars.  Calls to action create unique links that businesses can use to track all of the traffic that is created by a specific marketing campaign so the owner can analyze where their marketing dollars are best spent.

Taking Advantage Of A Customer’s Interest

Customers who take the time to read a company’s marketing materials, whether it be a blog post, an email or printed items, are already engaged with the company effective marketing then gives the customer a little push to make the sale.  Marketing materials put customers in the right mindset to do business with a company, but if business owners put the onus on customers to take action on their own accord, they are expecting too much.  Calls to action are a tool to guide those customers by asking them to do as little as possible to continue their engagement with the company.  Rather than having to look for a url or type an address into the search bar, a call to action asks customers to do nothing more than click a link that the business has already provided.

A Subtle Way To Sell

Finally, a call to action gives business owners the opportunity to create subtle ways to sell their products and their company.  Customers do not like to feel as though they are being given a hard sales pitch every time they go online, and calls to action let businesses work in a subtle sales pitch when the company has piqued their interest.  This kind of call to action is most effective when it is used in conjunction with informational blog posts or web pages that speak indirectly about the company. 

The company’s bottom line is affected by every dollar that is spent, so finding a way to spend those dollars more effectively is essential.  Look for a marketing specialist that understands the importance of calls to action for your company, and watch the company’s profits climb.  Ready to put calls to action to work for you?  I have a free ebook on that too

How do call to actions work?  Take for example one of my most popular ebooks, Creating an Effective Facebook Fanpage.  You’ll read a blog on my site about Facebook marketing, perhaps this one Facebook not delivering like it used to? And that blog promotes the ebook.  By downloading the ebook my prospects get to learn more what it would be like to work with me – you’ll read my thoughts and views on Facebook marketing and I’ll get the prospects email address (with permission of course) and then I can remarketing to you about Facebook training sessions or other product that may be of interest to you. 

Ready to put Calls to Action to work for your website? 

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Who does your Marketing Attract?

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Fri, May 30, 2014 @ 09:05 AM

When it comes to marketing there are many ways to attract potential customers but the key to marketing is attracting the right customer fit for your business.

attracting the right customer

Marketing to people who shop at a dollar store when you are attempting to sell high end merchandise will not increase your sales. It may increase your traffic but it will do nothing to add value to your bottom line! Some important things to know about attracting the right customers for your business are:

  • Targeted marketing: Targeted marketing is ensuring you know who your customer is and what he wants. As a business owner you must know your marketing area, who your competition is, and what you can do to position yourself in the marketplace. You must understand your strengths and weaknesses and know how to play on your strengths and over come your weaknesses.
  • Your market niche: What is your market niche? What do you have that no one else has? Or is what you have the same as what everyone else has and if so how can you attract the right customers so you can corner your share of the market?
  • Quality not quantity: Attracting the right customers is about quality, not quantity. If you are spending valuable time attempting to attract customers that cannot afford nor have little use for what you are selling you are losing money. Time is money! And when you are wasting time on the wrong customers you might be letting the right customers slip through the cracks.
  • Precise marketing collateral: Marketing collateral is all the little extras you use to attract customers. Brochures, flyers, and business cards as well as media ads are all forms of marketing collateral. Marketing collateral costs money to produce and if it is not produced with the right customer for your business it simply will not produce the desired results. Marketing collateral is not a “one size fits all” proposition and should not be attempted in that manner because if it is not targeted to the right customer for your business then you are wasting money. Knowing who you need to attract as customers is the first step in producing marketing collateral.

When you look at your bottom line you might want to ask yourself who your marketing effort is attracting. Most business owners are not marketing professionals and simply do not have the time or wherewithal for marketing when they are introducing a new business or attempting to resurrect an older business in the marketplace. Attracting the right customer begins with a marketing strategy that evolves into a marketing plan. Consider working with a marketing expert trained to increase your bottom line and add value to your business by using their expertise in attracting the right customers. 

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Marketing isn’t always sexy

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, May 20, 2014 @ 10:05 AM

As a marketer, I ‘ve had the chance to do some pretty cool things that I call work.  Like when I worked in travel marketing and I visited exotic locales or when I get to mystery shop businesses and play customer at a spa or restaurant.  Marketing your own business can be fun – hosting events, doing photo shoots, video creation, networking, etc.  I even get a charge out of bringing a new website to life or finally seeing a collateral in print—but then again I am a bit of a marketing nerd.  

But marketing isn’t always sexy. 

marketing consultant halifax

In fact some of the most effective marketing tactics are by far the most boring. 

Last month, I hit some all time record highs – the most website traffic ever on my site and my leads were also up 1200%+, so as I always do, I took time to reflect on the recent efforts—how I spent my time, what worked and what didn’t.

As I reviewed efforts and results what stood out was how unremarkably sexy any of the efforts that generate such impressive results were.  No new website, I have yet to launch the video I have been working on.  The month consisted of simply staying the course and rolling out what I know to be tried and true marketing efforts—like regular blogs, enewsletters, site optimization and a strong social presence.  Sometimes this can get a bit boring – but staying the course is often where the magic happens.

Lessons from the recent marketing success remind me of the book—Do the Work by Steven Pressfield.  Well worth the read if you need the motivation to work on your business instead of in the business. 

And as for your marketing – be sure to give those new tactics time to show their value.  Pay close attention to your marketing analytics and look for opportunities to create synergy among your pieces.  If a marketing tactic isn’t pulling it’s weight – take a long hard look at it before you give up. Did you give it a fair chance?

Need to give your marketing a critical review, why not start with my ebook – 10 Useless Things to Cut from Your Marketing

Click here to download the eBook!

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Spring Cleaning for your Marketing

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Fri, May 09, 2014 @ 07:05 AM

hubspot provider halifax


Spring has been terribly late coming to Nova Scotia.  That’s if it’s here at all.  So perhaps you’re justified if you haven’t started your spring-cleaning yet. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home – your marketing could likely use a little spring cleaning too!

Just like spring cleaning around the house – the list of things you could do to tidy up your marketing is … well, endless.  But I am not going to suggest you wash down every wall and baseboard, rather here are my top 7 tasks to freshen up your marketing this spring.

1.             Review your goals and results. 

We are ¼ of the way through the year—you still have lots of time to achieve your goals (if you wrote some).  If you didn't write any – it is not too late.  Create goals that can be achieved in the next 8 months or review your goals and evaluate your efforts to date.  

2.             Clean up your lists

When was the last time you cleaned up your list (from your lead management tool or your email marketing tool?)  Hard and soft bounces are costing you (hard dollars if you pay per contact) and they may also be causing you deliverability issues as bounces are held against you by many email providers.  Did you know the age of a lead is a significant factor in the likelihood of conversion?  More leads aren’t always better—old inactive leads should be cleaned out.  Just like you take the garbage out now and again, it’s time to review contacts—clean out bounces, segment your lists and tidy them up.

3.            Dust off and Repurpose the Good Stuff

Content is king-–well-crafted content is valuable stuff.  Google loves it (which helps you come up higher in search and your prospects love it too).  Of course the well-crafted part of that is essential.  If you have an ebook, guide, webinar, newsletter or blog that your clients appreciated at one point – there is a good chance you could repurpose it by freshening it up and putting it to work for you.

4.             Throw out the unused tools and programsmarketing spring cleaning

Sometimes spring cleaning can be profitable if you have a garage sale with the finds.  Marketing spring-cleaning can also result in savings.  Review the programs and tools you’ve signed up for and cancel or unsubscribe from what you are no longer using. 

5.             Have a quick walk through your entire website

When was the last time you had a quick walk through your website – checking on each and every page for broken links, missing alt tags, page titles that could use a little cleaning up?  Use a tool to make this tedious but important task beneficial.  I use Hubspot Page Performance tool to see all my webpages in one snapshot.  It highlights and prioritizes what needs my attention.

6.             See who is supporting you and say thanks

Nothing speeds up spring cleaning more than team work – whether it’s the neighbor that helped rake up last year’s leaves or shared a load of garden mulch. In the world of online marketing help from other organizations often comes in the form of inbound links.  Have you had a look lately to see who is sending traffic to your site? You may be surprised to see who supports you.  Review your incoming links and take the time to say thanks to those who support you with a link.

7.             Set priorities and focus for the coming months

Are the lazy hazy days of summer right around the corner?  I am not so sure, and in my business (and likely yours too) there will still be lots to do).  It’s time to set priorities and refocus to make the most of the next 8 months of 2014.

Do you think your marketing could be more effective?  If so contact me today for a free inbound marketing assessment.

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Realizing Marketing Goals with a Marketing Retainer

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 18:04 PM

The goal of every business is to make money. Increase sales, and or increasing the customer base of the business, but that isn't always as simple as it sounds. Reaching a larger audience is something that every business should strive to do, not just to survive but to expand. Successful companies are successful because they manage to do this through the use of a focused marketing strategy.

marketing strategy halifax

When it comes to planning out one’s marketing strategy, companies have three basic choices: do it themselves, hire a marketing agency on a per project basis or hire a marketing retainer. The following are a few of the advantages that hiring a marketing agency on a retainer will provide:

  • A clear marketing budget – Businesses that hire a marketing agency will have the same agency working for them on multiple projects throughout the year. The fee will be decided upon upfront. This is a huge advantage, because it allows companies to know exactly what their advertising budget will be for the entire year as opposed to hiring an agency for one project at a time. Agencies working on one project at a time often charge an hourly rate, making figuring out a yearly budget almost impossible.
  • A strong relationship – Companies that use a marketing retainer will develop a strong relationship with that specific agency, making it easy to work together on project after project. After a short while, the agency will be familiar with the wants and needs of the company and it will be easier to create and produce marketing campaigns that fit those wants and needs. This is in stark contrast to having to hire a new agency for every new marketing project. Not to mention that companies that hire marketing agencies on retainer will find that they become a priority for that company, meaning that the best employees will be assigned to the company’s ad campaigns throughout the year.
  • The company can focus less on their marketing campaign – With a marketing retainer in place, the company does not have to focus as much of its resources on their marketing strategy. Not only will the agency on retainer complete the marketing campaign that the company desires, they will see it through to the complete end – making sure that it is operating successfully. Any lessons learned from that campaign will then be used on the next project. This means that the company does not have to worry about having to focus any of its resources on keeping up with their advertising campaign.
  • A clear marketing strategy – Hiring an agency for one project at a time can be problematic in terms of the big picture. While most ad agencies will do a good job within the parameters of the project, they have no say in the big picture. By hiring a marketing agency on an ongoing retainer, a clear marketing strategy for the entire year can be discussed and implemented, which means that all the different marketing campaigns created throughout the year by the retainer will fit into the overall marketing strategy of the company. A clear overall strategy will lead to much better results than a number of different marketing campaigns that don’t have the same goals or purposes and that have no obvious connection other than the product or service.

These are just a few of the advantages that hiring a marketing retainer to oversee a company’s marketing strategy over hiring an agency on a project-by-project basis. For more information about a marketing retainer, contact More in Store today.

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Who is Hubspot really for?

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, Nov 26, 2013 @ 20:11 PM

So you’ve heard about Hubspot?  It is the ultimate Inbound Marketing Software Tool.  One tool gives you a website CMS, a powerful social media tool, a blogging platform, robust analytics, lead generation, contact management, a keyword tool, competitive assessment and more! 

Hubspot is the amazing marketing tool powering many of my clients inbound marketing programs.  More in Store has been a Hubspot Certified Partner since 2012. 

hubspot partner halifax

When I show prospects the power and ease of use of Hubspot, marketers are amazed.  Most savvy marketers have seen tools that simplify social media scheduling or they’ve come to appreciate the power of analytics through Google Analytics, but there are a couple of Hubspot features that always wow my clients.

The competitive tool in Hubspot is amazing!  In one dashboard, I can gather oodles of competitive insights including:  marketing grade, traffic rank, number of indexed pages on the site, linking domains, mozRank, Facebook Fans and Twitter followers—powerful insights to have just one click away.  Even more powerful to have my top 10 competitors in one snapshot. 

The other Hubspot feature gets my clients’ jaw to drop is the rich info gleaned from visitors to the site. 

Inbound marketing is all about relationships.  It’s about providing prospects with helpful and timely information when they need it most.  Build the prospects’ trust, become a thought leader and when the prospect needs your services they’ll think of you first.

As we build trust with our prospects we are building a relationship.  With inbound marketing, you thought leadership material is online when prospects go looking– ebooks, FAQs etc.  In exchange, the marketer gathers the prospects’ info like email addresses (with permission of course).  Once emails are captured and a contact is created, the magic begins.  Hubspot’s contact tool is powerful – it shows: page visits, time on site (as you’d expect), but it actually personalizes the contact – searching Google for their photo and adding it to the record, capturing it all in one place—pages visited, emails opened, documents downloaded and more.  One Hubspot client described it as very ‘big brotherish’.  I call it powerful marketing insights at my finger tips.

Hubspot is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  It’s reducing the cost of client acquisition by helping marketers create fun and effective marketing.

Who is getting on board with Hubspot?  What types of businesses reap the most benefits from Hubspot?  We’ll it’s the engine behind all my marketing.  Ok, perhaps you were looking for something a little bigger than that (but I do practice what I preach).  Dozens of other Nova Scotian companies use Hubspot – large and small companies.  As a Hubspot Agency partner, I have several Halifax companies on Hubspot. 

Hubspot is an excellent Inbound Marketing tool for both consumer and business marketing.  Hubspot works best higher end purchases (or services) and products or services that have a longer sales cycle or that require ongoing client contact.  Hubspot is also a great aid in re marketing to existing clients so it’s ideal for businesses that strive to put a fence around their valuable customers.

That means Hubspot is an ideal solution for a wide array of professional businesses.  The clients that I have using Hubspot to power their inbound marketing have all seen site traffic increases and greater web conversion.

Interesting in learning more?  Why not experience it first hand with a Hubspot demo.

Demo Hubspot

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Getting Going with Hubspot (AKA rocking Inbound Marketing)

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Wed, Aug 21, 2013 @ 22:08 PM

When you first heard about Hubspot, was it love at first site or did it grow on you gradually? love hubspot After learning about Hubspot I was quickly impressed an eager to learn more.  Hubspot had me at—reduced costs per lead and engaging and easy to use site CMS.  It wasn’t until I really started using Hubspot that I understood its potential.  So it was love at first site (and the second site I migrated over too and the third and well you get it, love with every site, kind of like true love)! 

Let me get to my point, if you think you’re going to like Hubspot from what you’ve heard or read, you’re right. 

So what next, how do you get going?

You can sign up directly with Hubspot or hire a local inbound Marketing agency.  Hubspot works with agency partners around the world to ensure clients maximize their inbound Marketing effectiveness.  More in Store has been a Hubspot agency partner since 2012.

Hubspot software is affordable—starting at $200 a month for a basic subscription and going up from there based on required features.  The more significant commitment when considering launching an inbound marketing program with Hubspot is the human element or the consultant’s time.

Hubspot is largely focused on agency partner and client’s success.  They don’t just want to sign up a slough of companies to use their software, they want to sign up companies that are going to create amazing inbound marketing.

In addition to signing up for Hubspots monthly software package, companies new to Hubspot must enroll in training – the Hubspot Academy.  Following the Hubspot training program helps to ensure you’ll learn the tool and put it’s many features to use. 

Companies who choose to get on board with Hubspot through a Hubspot agency partner can skip the cost and time investment for training – after all you’ll be working with a Hubspot experts, who’s best interest is to help you realize success.  

Whether you choose to do the inbound marketing internally or outsource it, there are costs associated with either option.  Of course there are the human costs of dedicating a team member’s time to the role, but there is also missed opportunity costs if that team member cannot be devoted the regular responsibilities and marketing tactics of inbound marketing. 

The tactical side of a well put together inbound marketing strategy can often be effectively rolled out internally if adequate internal resources are in place.  But getting going with Inbound Marketing requires a strategic plan.  You’ll want to define customer personas, establish costs per lead, conversion rates and set goals that keep you accountable.  

Hubspot agency partners (like More in Store) can help you to realize your inbound marketing potential in two ways – as a full service inbound marketing agency or in the creation of an inbound marketing game plan and initial set up (an ideal solution for companies who want to keep inbound marketing in-house, but can benefit from the expertise of a partner and leverage the depth of experience gleaned from working on numerous inbound marketing projects).

Not sure which approach works best for your inbound marketing goals?  Let’s chat we’ve helped other Halifax companies get clear on the best approach to inbound marketing.

Let's Chat  About your Goals

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Blog Entry – Top Reasons to Hire an Entrepreneur to Do Your Marketing

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, Jan 29, 2013 @ 08:01 AM

When helping my clients to realize their marketing and communication goals, I learn a great deal about these amazing business people – what drives them, what makes them tick, where they get their ideas, how they unwind and recharge.  Typically, my clients are trailblazing entrepreneurs who are pushing the limits in a competitive sector. We click because I too am an entrepreneur building a business one happy client at a time.  We click because:

  • I know that success and break-throughs take risk (carefully calculated and planned risk). 
  • I know that business moves insanely fast, I’ll answer my phone day or night. 
  • I am ready to act on ideas (yesterday).  MY entrepreneur clients are doers – they don’t have layers in their business structure for a reason – they like to get it done and so do I.

I am an entrepreneur too!  I know that every dollar spend on marketing had to be earned, but that making money requires investing time and money too!  (just the right investments).  Marketing needs to be accountable-- I just get that.  If a marketing initiative is worth doing, it’s worth tracking and it had better deliver or a new tactic will quickly take its place. 

My clients also appreciate that as an entrepreneur, I am highly networked -– if you need a partner, supplier I am likely able to help make connections.  I’ve worked in a large agency and I stay connected to other communication professionals (designers, writers, producers, researchers and others).  We can come together as a larger team as needed. 

Entrepreneur marketers don’t mind asking.  Having built my own business, I’ve had to put my neck out and ask for what I need to get it done.  It might be for a reference, or for a connection, for special terms on payment or negotiating a better rate, but I don’t mind asking for what I need to succeed and my clients value a partner who is willing to do the same on their behalf.  

As an entrepreneur, I walk the walk and market the heck out of my own business.  I do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work, write the blogs, do the newsletters and generate publicity around my business.  

If you are looking to outsource your marketing and need a consultant who is as dedicated and hard working as you, click here to learn more about working with Me as your Marketing Ally.

more out of your marketing

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Hiring a Halifax Marketing Consultant

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Sun, Jan 20, 2013 @ 21:01 PM

Are your marketing efforts as direct and hard working as you are? 

questions blackboard

Was there a point in your business, when you had a clear vision and ample time for your marketing? Perhaps your business has grown and evolved, and marketing isn’t getting the time and attention it once was. 

The media choices to promote your business certainly have changed and evolved.  If you seem to get a call daily from a media rep—You’re not alone.  With so many online and offiline marketing tactics and technologies out there, deciding on the right approach, the right budget and the right timing for your marketing efforts is harder than ever.

If your marketing initiatives aren’t getting the attention they deserve, perhaps it is time to hire a marketing consultant.  Outsourcing your marketing allows you to focus on building your business and doing what you love.  And by working with a consultant, you get access to an expert and pay only when you need one.

But does outsourcing marketing and communication functions make sense for your business?  There are several options to realize your marketing goals:

  • Hire and keep marketing and communications in house
  • Hire an independent marketing consultant or boutique agency
  • Hire a large national or multi national firm

Outsourcing the marketing function is the way to go until you reach the point of needing a full time in house marketing person.  Hire an internal marketing communications expert once you have enough marketing and communications work and a steady work load that one person can manage, or if you require a specific skill set. 

There are countless independent marketing consultants in Halifax, but is there value in working with an even larger communications agency, like a national or multi national marketing agency?

Hiring a large national agency is one way to get access to a wide range of communication experts all under one roof.  A large national agency is best suited to organizations that have the budget to support a significant marketing or communication program. 

Hiring a smaller boutique Halifax Marketing Agency or an independent marketing consultant can give you the best of both worlds and a few other benefits too. 

  • By hiring an independent consultant you’ll be a big fish in a small pond – even a small marketing budget is important to a boutique agency or independent marketing consultant.  A small budget may not get the same attention at a larger national agency. 
  • Independent marketing consultants are highly networked with other communication professionals (graphic designers, web designers, writers, researchers etc.) and often can bring you the team of a larger agency as needed, so your team is scalable, as required.

Most importantly, as an independent marketing consultant, I market my clients’ business with the same passion and vigor I market my own business.  Despite being PR or media gurus, I don’t see a lot of the large PR firms pursuing their own PR strategies.  In the past 12 months, I’ve been featured in the national news twice – the front page of the Globe and Mail and in local independent newspapers.  I know what it is like to stand on the other side of the camera. 

The right marketing solution will depend largely on your goals and your budget.  When considering your options, be sure to ask the consultant or agency how they market their own business.  Pay close attention to the combined skill set and the business style.  Don’t discredit the importance of the right ‘connection’.  You’ll be working closely with this person or team to realize your marketing goals.  Make sure you’re equally confident in the marketing professionals abilities as you are comfortable sharing ideas and blue ski visions for our next 5 -25 years.  It is ok to choose not to work with someone because the fit isn’t there. 

If you are ready to get more out of your marketing and to see if there is the right FIT between us, contact me below or learn more about the types of business I work with here…your marketing ally 

Or download a copy of our Ebook, the Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency.

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