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Always changing social media and inbound marketing

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Fri, Apr 11, 2014 @ 15:04 PM

Internet and inbound marketing is a constant battle as it is, trying to make sure current and updated content makes it onto sites, social media and other important venues. Not only does it take time to generate these current materials, but it also takes time to learn the social media tools to take advantage of social media and Internet marketing. The problem is, however, that social media is always evolving and changing. Social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are constantly changing and improving features on their websites. It makes it exhausting for a marketer to keep up on!

Recently, we published a social media cover cheat sheet as a downloadable resource on our website at More In Store. Less than two weeks have gone by, and there has already been a major change in the way that a social media giant is using cover photos. Now, not only did we think we were up to date and on top of the changes, we figured that this download would prove to be resourceful and current for at least more than a couple weeks. Wrong!

Twitter logoTwitter is at it again! A major web profile layout redesign for members’ profiles is afoot. With this change, they’re also introducing (as quoted from Twitter’s blog post): 

      • Best Tweets: Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so your best content is easy to find.
      • Pinned Tweet: Pin one of your Tweets to the top of your page, so it’s easy for your followers to see what you’re all about.
      • Filtered Tweets: Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. Select from these options: Tweets, Tweets with photos/videos, or Tweets and replies.

With these changes, Twitter is anticipating members will have it “…even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile.” People who register on Twitter for a new account will be automatically introduced to the new profile layout, and existing members will slowly begin to see their profiles changed over in the coming weeks.

This new profile layout will also boast a larger cover image, which meant our new resource

Social Media Cheat Sheet Photo

 “2014 Social Media Cover Cheat Sheet” resource is now outdated. Worry not, though! We have created an updated version that is ready for you to download immediately. 

Click the button below to be taken to the updated 2014 Social Media Cover Cheat Sheet download! There you will find cover photo dimensions for Twitter, but also you’ll find dimensions for Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ too!

Click here to download

We hope you enjoy the new changes to Twitter and with help from this document, create great and effective cover photos for your new profile.

Want some help? Don’t want to take on this by yourself? Contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you get started with Twitter and their new user profiles. Click below!

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Effective Facebook Fanpage Download Fully Updated for 2014

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Fri, Jan 17, 2014 @ 16:01 PM

Did you set a business resolution with the New Year upon us? 

We are two weeks into 2014, behavioral experts say it takes three weeks of an activity to become a habit, so if you’ve made changes to your marketing at the beginning of the year, you should be well on your way to creating some sustainable new practices.

Facebook Fanpage eBook Cover 2014Despite the best New Year’s resolutions, reality would have it; most of the successful entrepreneurs I work with do not have the time to devote to their marketing efforts.  It’s not that marketing isn’t important to them; it’s rather they understand the value of working with an expert to achieve their marketing goals that otherwise may only receive sporadic attention.  

If you are active in social media, you know that the platforms area always changing.  Take for example cover photos. When Facebook first launched cover photos, there were many restrictions on what businesses could put on them.  Those restrictions have been lifted, but have you had a chance to update your cover photo—giving it the attention it deserves?  Are you up to date on what makes an effective cover photo while following Facebook guidelines? 

Last year one of the most popular downloads from my website was Creating an Effective Facebook Fanpage.  This guide helped many businesses enhance their Facebook Fanpages and helped others to realize that they’d rather outsource their social media presence to an expert. 

If you are not using social media or Facebook as a part of your marketing mix, it’s time to put these vital tools to work for you.  Need to be convinced or to convince somebody else (like your boss)? This guide also has lots of great stats on the merit of Facebook for marketing your business. Here is a sneak peak of just two:

  • It’s vital for businesses to have a Facebook presence as 80% of Faceook users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook. (WordPress Hosting SEO)
  • 47% of Americans say that Facebook has a greater impact on their purchasing behavior than any other social network. (State of Search)

With more than 1.19 billion active monthly users, Facebook has become the new word of mouth (or perhaps words of mouse).  Done right, Facebook makes it easy for others to learn about your brand and for people to tell their friends about you.  Chances are, your best clients’ friends would likely also make amazing clients for you. 

This important marketing platform cannot be left to chance.  Just because the boss’ teenage daughter is always on social media, doesn’t mean she is equipped to create and manage an effective Facebook Fanpage.  Many small business owners are tempted to delegate social media to the person ‘who is on social media’.  While being on Facebook may give you the comfort of how the tool works, Business Fanpages have many unique features and apps. Understanding the nuances of a Facebook Fanpage and the special features to market your business on Facebook can set you apart and create a wonderful online presence for your prospects and customers alike. 

A lot has changed since I first launched the Creating an Effective Facebook Fanpage – Edgerank is no longer, and you’ll find the info now under Facebook’s Algorithm.  Many marketers have been noticing a decline in the reach they can achieve following Facebook’s changes.  Understanding Story Bumping and Last Actor sheds light on how Facebook chooses to serve up content and how you understanding these recent changes will allow you to make the most of every post you publish.  

Even if enhancing your Facebook Fanpage isn’t on your list of marketing tactics for 2014, take a moment and download this free eBook. I’m sure you’ll see the benefit of Facebook Fanpages working for YOUR business.

Click here to download the eBook!

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Who is Hubspot really for?

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Tue, Nov 26, 2013 @ 20:11 PM

So you’ve heard about Hubspot?  It is the ultimate Inbound Marketing Software Tool.  One tool gives you a website CMS, a powerful social media tool, a blogging platform, robust analytics, lead generation, contact management, a keyword tool, competitive assessment and more! 

Hubspot is the amazing marketing tool powering many of my clients inbound marketing programs.  More in Store has been a Hubspot Certified Partner since 2012. 

hubspot partner halifax

When I show prospects the power and ease of use of Hubspot, marketers are amazed.  Most savvy marketers have seen tools that simplify social media scheduling or they’ve come to appreciate the power of analytics through Google Analytics, but there are a couple of Hubspot features that always wow my clients.

The competitive tool in Hubspot is amazing!  In one dashboard, I can gather oodles of competitive insights including:  marketing grade, traffic rank, number of indexed pages on the site, linking domains, mozRank, Facebook Fans and Twitter followers—powerful insights to have just one click away.  Even more powerful to have my top 10 competitors in one snapshot. 

The other Hubspot feature gets my clients’ jaw to drop is the rich info gleaned from visitors to the site. 

Inbound marketing is all about relationships.  It’s about providing prospects with helpful and timely information when they need it most.  Build the prospects’ trust, become a thought leader and when the prospect needs your services they’ll think of you first.

As we build trust with our prospects we are building a relationship.  With inbound marketing, you thought leadership material is online when prospects go looking– ebooks, FAQs etc.  In exchange, the marketer gathers the prospects’ info like email addresses (with permission of course).  Once emails are captured and a contact is created, the magic begins.  Hubspot’s contact tool is powerful – it shows: page visits, time on site (as you’d expect), but it actually personalizes the contact – searching Google for their photo and adding it to the record, capturing it all in one place—pages visited, emails opened, documents downloaded and more.  One Hubspot client described it as very ‘big brotherish’.  I call it powerful marketing insights at my finger tips.

Hubspot is an incredibly powerful marketing tool.  It’s reducing the cost of client acquisition by helping marketers create fun and effective marketing.

Who is getting on board with Hubspot?  What types of businesses reap the most benefits from Hubspot?  We’ll it’s the engine behind all my marketing.  Ok, perhaps you were looking for something a little bigger than that (but I do practice what I preach).  Dozens of other Nova Scotian companies use Hubspot – large and small companies.  As a Hubspot Agency partner, I have several Halifax companies on Hubspot. 

Hubspot is an excellent Inbound Marketing tool for both consumer and business marketing.  Hubspot works best higher end purchases (or services) and products or services that have a longer sales cycle or that require ongoing client contact.  Hubspot is also a great aid in re marketing to existing clients so it’s ideal for businesses that strive to put a fence around their valuable customers.

That means Hubspot is an ideal solution for a wide array of professional businesses.  The clients that I have using Hubspot to power their inbound marketing have all seen site traffic increases and greater web conversion.

Interesting in learning more?  Why not experience it first hand with a Hubspot demo.

Demo Hubspot

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What is a COS and why do you need one?

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Mon, Sep 02, 2013 @ 18:09 PM

COS… another acronym, not what you need, or maybe it is. A COS is a cousin (but not too close a cousin) to the website CMS (content management system). COS stands for Content Optimization System, it was launched by the clever folks at Hubspot last week at the Inbound Marketing Conference and it has a great deal to offer any marketing and, it also benefits the consumer.

Let’s start with the basics and ramp up quickly from there.  A CMS is a content management system – a tool that let’s the lay person (Or even a brilliant marketer who doesn’t know web code, update their website.  It’s the solution for those who hate waiting on web developers for changes.  There are countless content management systems that let you do a varying degree of web editing.  Sounds good hey?  Well they have their limits too. 

Hubspot developed and launched the COS system – not to add more bells and whistles or a few new features, but rather they did it to create a better user experience. 

Most websites today display the same content every time a user visits the website.  But as a web visitor moves through the buying cycle from a visitor or prospect to a customer to a repeat customer, the visitors’ needs change.   A content optimization system allows marketers to create custom content for different audiences (based on any criteria—perhaps where the customer is in the purchase process or where they are located geographically). 

Content optimization system

Isn’t that cool?  It’s all about context!   Think how you would change up your home page for a prospect versus an existing customer.   

Hubspot launched several new features to their suite of tools at Inbound 2013—many of them centering around marketing ‘context’.  What about how your customers visit website (on what device – lap top, desktop, ipad), wouldn’t it be nice to meet their needs technologically every time.  Delivering a website that adapts to the device is called responsive design and it is going to be essential to keep customers engaged and happy on your website.    And yes, responsive design is a feature in the new Hubspot COS. 

Whether or not your current website runs a CMS, the COS tool is the answer for anyone in the organization who wants to easily update their website with content that is unique and relevant to many target groups. 

With traditional CMS, many savvy web developers often complain that once the site is set up to serve the needs of the marketer (or person who doesn’t know web code) the design is compromised.  I have had a very positive experience with the Hubspot CMS (for my site and for several clients).  Putting a well designed site on the Hubspot CMS has given me the best of both worlds and even after extensive site editing the design hasn’t been compromised.  Perhaps the key is to start with a well designed website and clear brand standards.  A CMS is not a design platform and shouldn’t be treated as one.

But, I am told that even web developers at Hubspot have given the new COS the nod.  I am sure web developers and marketers may still have words over the merits of the COS system, but let’ s remember who’s at the heart of our marketing – the customer, and I think this tool has a great deal to offer the end user. 

Ready to turn your website into a lead generating machine?

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Inspiration from Inbound 2013 – the Inbound Marketing Conference for Marketers

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 @ 17:08 PM

Well it’s a wrap, three plus days spent with more than 5,000 marketers at the Inbound Marketing Conference in Boston.  Inbound 2013 lived up to its tag line, Come together, Get Inspired, Be Remarkable. 

inbond 2013

The Hynes Convention centre buzzed all week with marketers from 35 countries. 159 speakers, more than 140 sessions (often over flowing), 14 best selling authors and all sorts of cool (some what geeky marketers).  The inspiration and insights had #inbound13 trending on Twitter for the entire three days. 

The week was jammed packed with: amazing speakers, like Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, Nate Silver and all the gurus behind Hubspot.  Dates have already been released for Inbound 2014 – September 15 -18 in Boston.  I’ll be there for sure.  Right now I feel like the learning and inspiration gathered should be just enough to carry me through till 2014 (as well as the list of things I made for myself to do).  But before I board this plane for home, I thought I’d capture just a few of my highlights from the conference.  I am just picking a few that stand out loud and clear, but I did make a list of 50+ blog topics I ‘d like to cover, so there is more to come.

Despite the varying background of the many speakers at Inbound 2013, trends and themes rang true for me. 

Market in Context – it sounds obvious right?  Any marketer knows the four p’s of marketing – product, price, promotion and placement, and we know context finds its home in those marketing guidelines.  But I am talking about way more context than that. 

Today as marketers, we should be marketing to our website visitors in THEIR specific context.  First time visitors to the website should get a message customized for them, the message should change and evolve for repeat visitors be unique again for existing customers.  What about truly meeting the technological needs of a web visitor every time?    

We can do this too with responsive web design and with the new tools offered by Hubspot, marketing in context has never been easier.  

What if you could look at your social fans or followers in light of their customer lifecycle (context again) would that be cool?  Well you can with Hubspots new Signals tool. 

Reporting and analytics needs to be in CONTEXT as well. There use to be a time when we had little to no data on our advertising and marketing efforts.  I love to quote John Wannamaker who once said, “Only half of my advertising is working, I just wish I knew which half”.  We’ve come full circle, as marketers we have (or we should have) oodles of data at our fingertips.  I love the analytical side of marketing, but let’s keep them in context and remember they are only one matrix, let’s pay attention the human side of things and listen to our gut.  (pulling this theme from Dharmesh’s amazing talk).  

Connectivity is the answer – (Seth Godin kicked this one off in his opening remarks, but the sentiment carried throughout the week from many other presenters).  Great things come out of collaborating and really connecting with people.  Great work isn’t done on the smart phone, put it down and really connect with others.  Seth shared his well known views on the ‘connected economy’.  I love the idea of the connected economy, but Ariannna Huffington addressed ‘connectivity’ on the personal side.  She impressed upon us ‘super connected marketers’ to leave it all behind to connect with our own wisdom – I felt a bit guilty tweeting while she talked, I am sure she would have liked me to be ‘present’. 

Arianna’s talk was fun and engaging with a good does of conviction.  We really can’t create if we are always time starved and falling behind the eight ball.  She challenged us to consider a digital detoxic and referred to sleep as a leadership tool.  Given the intensity of this week, I am pretty quick to buy in, as she’d say…. There’s a nap for that!  I guess at the Huffington Post they have napping rooms.  

Generosity – there was also a significant theme of generosity at the conference.  Seth Godin talked about creating art and giving generously to what we do!  I attended several presentations from other marketers who gave away their ‘secrets’ on inbound and shared how they’ve succeeded.  That is hard to do!  But something that has helped many of the marketers at Inbound to succeed and something we all should do!  We came together, and authentically shared and it was refreshing!   

Of course the generosity was a common theme throughout the week as Hubspot brought such awareness and gave so generously to Charity Water.  An amazing cause that needs our attention, learn more here 

So there you have it, my ramblings on Inbound 2013.  Three themes from three amazing days of Inbound Marketing.  Lots more to come as I work through my notes, in the mean time, connect with me if you’d like to learn more about Inbound Marketing!

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Getting Going with Hubspot (AKA rocking Inbound Marketing)

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Wed, Aug 21, 2013 @ 22:08 PM

When you first heard about Hubspot, was it love at first site or did it grow on you gradually? love hubspot After learning about Hubspot I was quickly impressed an eager to learn more.  Hubspot had me at—reduced costs per lead and engaging and easy to use site CMS.  It wasn’t until I really started using Hubspot that I understood its potential.  So it was love at first site (and the second site I migrated over too and the third and well you get it, love with every site, kind of like true love)! 

Let me get to my point, if you think you’re going to like Hubspot from what you’ve heard or read, you’re right. 

So what next, how do you get going?

You can sign up directly with Hubspot or hire a local inbound Marketing agency.  Hubspot works with agency partners around the world to ensure clients maximize their inbound Marketing effectiveness.  More in Store has been a Hubspot agency partner since 2012.

Hubspot software is affordable—starting at $200 a month for a basic subscription and going up from there based on required features.  The more significant commitment when considering launching an inbound marketing program with Hubspot is the human element or the consultant’s time.

Hubspot is largely focused on agency partner and client’s success.  They don’t just want to sign up a slough of companies to use their software, they want to sign up companies that are going to create amazing inbound marketing.

In addition to signing up for Hubspots monthly software package, companies new to Hubspot must enroll in training – the Hubspot Academy.  Following the Hubspot training program helps to ensure you’ll learn the tool and put it’s many features to use. 

Companies who choose to get on board with Hubspot through a Hubspot agency partner can skip the cost and time investment for training – after all you’ll be working with a Hubspot experts, who’s best interest is to help you realize success.  

Whether you choose to do the inbound marketing internally or outsource it, there are costs associated with either option.  Of course there are the human costs of dedicating a team member’s time to the role, but there is also missed opportunity costs if that team member cannot be devoted the regular responsibilities and marketing tactics of inbound marketing. 

The tactical side of a well put together inbound marketing strategy can often be effectively rolled out internally if adequate internal resources are in place.  But getting going with Inbound Marketing requires a strategic plan.  You’ll want to define customer personas, establish costs per lead, conversion rates and set goals that keep you accountable.  

Hubspot agency partners (like More in Store) can help you to realize your inbound marketing potential in two ways – as a full service inbound marketing agency or in the creation of an inbound marketing game plan and initial set up (an ideal solution for companies who want to keep inbound marketing in-house, but can benefit from the expertise of a partner and leverage the depth of experience gleaned from working on numerous inbound marketing projects).

Not sure which approach works best for your inbound marketing goals?  Let’s chat we’ve helped other Halifax companies get clear on the best approach to inbound marketing.

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Online Marketing Self Evaluation

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Thu, Jun 13, 2013 @ 21:06 PM

Did you know there is a powerful tool to evaluate your online marketing effectiveness?  You can even use this tool to see how your competition is doing?  Read on to learn more… 

For some entrepreneurs, marketing is a necessary evil, for other’s it’s the fun part of theiStock 000018192783Small (2) business that let’s the entrepreneur express their creative side.  Either way, marketing is an essential and required business function.  So we are all dedicating time and resources to marketing, but do you know how effective your marketing efforts are?

Do your clients love or loath your website?  Are company newsletters landing in prospects inboxes with valuable and sought after info that is driving them to your site for more?  I often hear from clients that they need more web traffic – and when we dig and analyze a bit (I love the analytical part of marketing) we find their site actually has decent traffic numbers.  The company doesn’t have a web traffic issue they have a conversion issue, they fail to engage the existing visitors to the site. 

An effective website does more than attract web visitors it engages them and helps you to convert your website visitors to sales.  The website should be the dedicated sales team that never sleeps.

An effective web site attracts strangers, creates visitors (often repeat visitors), it turns those visitors to leads, then customers.  In fact a great website doesn’t even stop there, it turns those customers into promoters and that takes you full circle, using promoters to help you to get more strangers to experience your site.

So let me guess, you think you could be doing a little better with  your inbound marketing efforts?  We all could be!  Websites, blogs, social presence aren’t static, they can always be enhanced!  Before you start enhancing, do you have a clear picture of how are you presently doing? 

Did you know there is a powerful tool that will grade your website.  It will tell you what you are doing well and which areas could use a little more attention. 

Marketing grader is a tool created by Hubspot.  Hubspot is the ultimate inbound marketing software tool.  More in Store is Halifax’s first Hubspot partner, we help local businesses create powerful and engaging inbound marketing programs using Hubspot.  Marketing grader is free to use (even if you aren’t on Hubspot) and it gives you valuable marketing analytics.  You can even run your compettiors’ site through marketing grader to see how they are doing.

Ready to learn more about marketing grader?

 webgrader hubspot

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What has social media done for you lately?

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Wed, Jun 12, 2013 @ 13:06 PM

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more are great places to catch up on the latest friend activity, browse photos and connect, but they are also a place to generate leads. 

According to Hubspot (the leading Inbound Marketing tool), 89% of internet users search online before they make a purchase even when that purchase is made at a local store.  This pre-searching is sometimes called Pre-tail, as marketers, we must consider the busy mother who is researching which car to buy at 11 at night or trying to find an easier dinner solution at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. 

Businesses are increasingly devoting a greater percentage of marketing budgets and human capital to social media.  And rightly so, the right social media strategy can help you to be found when prospects go searching.  

Product photos and video, educational content, and client testimonials are popular tweets that might get a share or a LIKE from a customer or fan, but what next, can social media be doing more for your business? 

Social Media must be a part of a well thought out strategy; ideally it should be a key pillar asmarketing funnel part of an Inbound Marketing Strategy.  If you studied marketing you likely remember the marketing funnel.  Elements of the marketing funnel are: awareness, interest, evaluation, commitment and referral.  Social media can help with the top elements, but to generate leads the responsibility falls to the website. 

Once you’ve captured their interest it is time to convert them!  Don’t let another social media visitor come to your site and leave without building rapport, capturing an email or providing them further information or scheduling the next step in the sales process! 

Often businesses feel that they need more web traffic or more social media traffic and in fact the problem isn’t with the volume of traffic, but in the inability to convert the traffic to leads.  Did you know that company who blog get 55% more web traffic than those who don’t, they also get 70% more leads.  That’s another great stat from Hubspot.  But generating a lead from a blog requires a strong call to action and a well optimized landing page.  Something that Hubspot makes very easy with their amazing software.  

More In Store can show you how to optimize your website and convert more leads to customers

Relying on the pillars of Inbound Marketing (Search Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing and Public Relations), More In Store helps our clients ensure they are found when customers go searching for their product or service.  If you’re interested in learning more about how More In Store can help you to achieve your marketing goals, sign up for a free Inbound Marketing Assessment

Free Inbound  Marketing Assessment

Want to learn more about effective landing pages?  Download our free ebook on How to Optimize Landing Pages. 

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Hubspot Inbound Marketing Experts in Halifax

Posted by Melanie Taljaard on Mon, Jun 10, 2013 @ 18:06 PM

Inbound marketing is based on a simple premise—be there when a prospect searches!  It sounds simple doesn’t it? Until you realize that your prospects hate Facebook but love Twitter.  Or your potential customers are big fan of blogs, but they won’t be signing up for enewsletters cause they like to get news on their terms. 

Understanding and maximizing the effectiveness of Inbound Marketing may take some time and training, but the payback is significant.  HubSpot's 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report found that Inbound also delivers on its ROI promises, providing more and cheaper leads that convert at higher rates: Twice as many marketers say inbound marketing delivers below average cost per leads versus outbound strategies. The Hubspot Inbound Marketing survey found that 34% of all the leads generated in 2013 come from inbound marketing sources. In fact, inbound delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound leads.

More In Store Marketing Solutions is Atlantic Canada's first agency provider of Hubspot.  But Hubspot is getting a little more accessible in Halifax these days and rightly so. HubSpot’s all-in-one software brings together the entire online marketing picture into one integrated system.  The number of fans or LIKES on a page may be bragging rights for some organizations, but I understand that a valuable social media presence requires more than LIKES and fans, it requires a well thought out strategy that focuses on business LEADS not LIKES.

More In Store Marketing Solutions has been a Hubspot agency partner since 2012 and helpedHubspot agency halifax several Halifax businesses put Hubspot to work for them!  Extensive training has allowed me to master this tool, driving results for my own business and for clients.  I have already helped several Halifax businesses realize significant business growth with Hubspot.  

Later this month, Laura Fitton, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Evangelist, previously co-authored Twitter for Dummies and founded will be in Halifax as part of Atlantic Internet Marketing Conferenced. 

More In Store offers clients a choice between turn key full service Hubspot Marketing Strategy and Execution as well as set up and customized in depth training for organizations looking to execute Hubspot Marketing Programs in house.   Unfortunately I won’t be able to catch Laura Fitton at the Atlantic Internet Marketing Conference as will be speaking at another conference, the It’s All Social Conference.  You can bet that Inbound Marketing and Hubspot will have lead roles in my presentation.

Are you looking for effective and track able marketing programs, perhaps it’s time you considered a strategic Inbound Marketing program.  Learn about Hubspot at the AIMs Conference or It’s All Social or download my FREE guide to hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency.  

Download Now!

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